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Undergraduate Programs

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Ain Shams University faculties provide distinctive programs for students that help them in the labor market, as well as providing them with opportunities to keep up with the latest scientific developments in many fields and disciplines that may be rare.

Faculty of Medicine

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General Program

Expanded Medical Program (EMP)

7 years program (5+2 internship)

Bachelor's degree (study in Arabic) 4 years:
 Home Economics Bachelor's Program
 The following majors are accepted (textile - spinning - knitting and embroidery - dyeing and printing - ready-made clothes
 Bachelor's Program in Educational Media:
 It is required to pass the Arabic language test for admission to the department in accordance with the decision of the Council of the Educational Media Departmen
 Bachelor's program Education Technology:
The following majors are accepted: (electronics - computers - advanced computers - software - industrial electronics - refrigeration and air conditioning - electrical machines - electrician - electrical industries - networks and information - cars - hydraulic mechanics)

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Bachelor of Arts (4-year program) in:

- Arabic Language and Literature

- English Language and Literature

- French Language and Literature

- Sociology (Anthropology & Folklore)

- History

- Geography

- Philosophy

- Sociology

- Sociology (Media)

- Psychology


Bachelor of Science& Basic Education in:

- Mathematics

-. Science

Bachelor of Science in:

- Mathematics

- Physics

- Physics & Pure Mathematics

- Physics & Computer

- Physics & Chemistry

- Biophysics

- Chemistry

- Chemistry & Botany

- Microbiology & Chemistry

-. Chemistry & Zoology

- Zoology

- Biochemistry & Nutrition

- Mathematics and Actuarial sciences

- Applied Biological Sciences (New Program)*

Bachelor of Arts & Education in:

- Arabic Language

- English Language

- French Language

- History

- Geography

- Philosophy & Sociology: Philosophy (Major) & Sociology (Sub)

- Philosophy & Sociology: Sociology (Major) & Philosophy (Sub)

Bachelor of Science& Education in:

- Mathematics

- Physics

- Chemistry

- Biology & Geology: Biology (Major) & Geology (Sub)

- Home Economics

- Instructional & Information Technology

- Child Education

- Instructional Systems Design (New Program)**

Bachelor of Arts & Basic Education in:

- Arabic Language

- English Language

- Social Language


Bachelor of Science& Education in:

- Mathematics*

- Physics*

- Chemistry*

- Biology & Geology*


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Bachelor of Oral and Dental Medicine

Bachelor of Clinical Dentistry (Credit Hours Program)

6 - year program (5+1 internship)

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Arabic Language Division Program

English Language Division Program

Bachelor of Law (LL.B)(French Section)    Dual degree with Lyon University

In one of the following departments:

1. Department of Public International Law  2. Department of Islamic Law
3. Department of Civil Law  4. Department of Criminal Law
5. Department of Public Law  6. Department of Commercial and Maritime Law
7. Proceedings Law Department  8. Department of Economics
9. Department of Philosophy and History of Law  10. Department of Private International Law


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Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering in one of the following programs(5–year program):

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering in one of the following programs(5 years Program):

1. Electrical Power and Machines Engineering 1. Design and Production Engineering
2. Electronics and Communication Engineering 2. Automotive Engineering
3. Computer and Systems Engineering 3. Mechatronics Engineering
4. Communication Systems Engineering (University of East London) 4. Materials Engineering (Clausthal University)
5. Energy and Renewable Energy Engineering (University of East London) 5. Manufacturing Engineering Program (University of East London)
6. Computer Engineering and Software Systems (University of East London) 6. Mechatronics and Automation Engineering (University of East London)
  7. Mechanical Power Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering in one of the following programs) 5–year program

Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering in one of the following programs (5–year program):

1. Structural Engineering 1. Architectural Engineering
2. Water Engineering and Hydraulic Structures 2. Landscape Architecture (Mediterranea University)*
3. Utilities and Infrastructure 3. Environmental Architecture and Urbanism Program (University of East London)
4. Civil Infrastructure Engineering 4. Housing Architecture and Urban Development
5. Building Engineering (University of East London) Interdisciplinary and Double Degrees with higher fees *

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Bachelor’s degree in computer and information sciences (one of the following programs):

- Scientific Computing

- Computer Science

-Computer Systems 

- Information Systems

- Bioinformatics (University of East London) *

- Software Engineering (University of East London) *

- Artificial Intelligence (University of East London) *

- Digital Multimedia (University of East London) *

- Cyber Security (University of East London) *

- Robotics (University of East London) *

Dual degrees for inter-majors with the University of East London at higher fees*

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Bachelor of Agricultural Engineering 4–year program
Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences in(one of the following disciplines): 4–year program
1.  Plant Protection
2.  Plant Production
3.  Animal Production
4.  Agricultural economic and social sciences
5.  Food Processing
6.  Soil And Water
7.  Biotechnology
8.  Organic Farming *
9.  Biotechnology *
10.  Quality Management *

Program with English language *

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Bachelor of Science and Education in (one of the following disciplines): 4–year program

- Biological Sciences

- Geological Sciences

- Chemistry

- Science (General)

-  Mathematics (General)

- Mathematics (Fundamental)

- Physics






Bachelor of Arts and Education in (one of the following disciplines): 4–year program

- Arabic Language and Islamic Studies

- English Language

- French Language

- German\Language

- Geography

- Arabic Language and Islamic Studies Special Education

- History

- Psychology

- English Language Special Education

- Special Education Psychology

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  Bachelor's degree program in the Faculty of Al-Alsun for 4 years
9. Arabic language 1. Chinese language - translation (credit hours)
10. Arabic for non-native speakers 2. African languages (Swahili)
11. English Language - Translation (Credit Hours) 3. Semitic Languages (Hebrew)
12. French Language - Translation (Credit Hours) 4. Oriental Islamic Languages (Persian)
13. Italian language  5. Eastern Islamic languages (Turkish language)
14. Spanish language  6. Japanese language
15. The German language  7. The Korean language
16. Russian Language - Translation (Credit Hours 8. Portuguese
17. Czech language Programs that follow the credit hour system have higher fees
  The new programs are based on the credit hours system at the Faculty of Al-Alsun
  1. English translation and interpretation program
   2. French Translation and Interpretation Program "Translation Division or Translation and Interpretation Division"
   3. Specialized translation program in the Chinese language
   4. A specialized translation program in the Russian language
   5. Arabic language and translation program for non-Arabic speakers
   6. A specialized translation program in the Italian language
   7. A specialized translation program in the Spanish language
   8. Specialized translation program in the German language

Kean Program Credit Hour Program English Program French Program  Programs Brochure



1. Programs in Arabic
2. Programs in English
3. The partnership program between Kean University, the Ocean Faculty  and Ain Shams University
Graduates of the credit hours program in both Arabic and English are awarded a bachelor’s degree in one of the following disciplines:
1. Accounting and auditing
2. Accounting and Finance
3. Markets and financial institutions
4. Marketing
5. Economy
6. Statistics and operations research

تحميل البورشور الخاص بالبرامج 


The Faculty of Arts, Ain Shams University grants a Bachelor of Arts degree from one of the following faculty departments:
8. Department of Geography 1. Department of Arabic Language and Literature
9. Department of Philosophical Studies 2. Department of Oriental Languages and Literature
10. Department of Psychology 3. Department of Hebrew Language and Literature
11. Department of Sociology 4. Department of English Language and Literature
12. Department of Archeology 5. Department of French Language and Literature
13. Department of Libraries and Information 6. Department of Ancient European Civilization
14. Department of Drama and Theatrical Criticism 7. Department of History


:Special programs for credit hours 

  * Digital Technology for Spatial Information Program "Geomatics"
  * Hindi Program
  *International English Studies Program
  * Hebrew and Israeli Studies Program