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User Charter

17656 2022-04-26

What is User Charter?

It is a documentation of the set of values, methods and principles that the university is committed to providing through the Electronic Portal’s teamwork, who provide services to users through various means of communication, including: -

* University, faculties, units, centers and conferences websites in Arabic and English.

* Mobile application to provide various electronic services through mobile phones.

* E-mail and social media, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram and LinkedIn.

Charter Objectives:

* Informing users of their rights and duties towards the university.

* Introducing users to the available means for submitting complaints or making inquiries.

* Constant work on developing the methods and tools used in serving users in order to qualify the site to become more ready to meet the needs of users and provide distinguished services.

Targeted groups:

* Undergraduate students.

* Graduate students.

* Faculty staff.

* Researchers.

* Employees.

* External community (visitors).

Liabilities, services or tasks provided to users:

* Excellence in User service: relentless pursuit to provide services of a distinguished level and high quality in order to achieve user satisfaction and exceed their expectations.

* Respond to the user's needs quickly and professionally, and ensure the confidentiality and accuracy of information.

* Create a work environment stimulating team performance and meet all user needs in a timely manner.

* Encouraging and supporting the available opportunities to meet the user's needs.

* Respect for time and sincerity in work.

* A professional and cooperative team working to respond to all user inquiries and deal with them in a timely manner.

* Full understanding of the information provided to the user with the correct documents and the required steps.

* Providing services at times and channels that suit the user's needs as much as possible.

* Maintain confidentiality about any problems that may arise in the service provided by the user service team.

* Taking measures based on users' feedback and suggestions to provide the best services.

What we expect from users:

* Evaluate the services available.

* Provide us with your suggestions and comments with complete transparency to help us improve and improve the level of our services and provide them to you to the fullest.

Complaint handling values:

* Credibility: Dealing with users with transparency, fairness and fairness, without bias.

* Responsibility: Receiving users' complaints and dealing with them professionally and immediately.

* Efficiency: responding to all incoming cases without delay with utmost efforts to solve them in a timely manner.

* Positive: Innovative ideas that can be applied to meet challenges to resolve complaints.