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Students are the most important groups that benefit from the services provided, so the interest of the Education and Students Affairs sector is focused on students ... The sector seeks to provide the best services - whether educational, recreational or cultural - to students in various stages, and it also seeks to pursue implementation of these services to ensure quality, in conjunction with that, it is keen to keep pace with the development and the latest scientific findings in the services provided.

Students Affairs Sector

University Secertary Sector Speech

Ain Shams University has been keeping abreast of the latest international systems and standards in the fields of education and science, by providing the best technologies and possibilities for students to obtain scientific and educational services at the highest level to enable them to achieve their goals in the labor market not only at the local, regional and international levels, but also outperform their peers. In addition to finding successful solutions to face urgent and future problems.

Vice President for Education and Student Affairs
Vice President for Education and Student Affairs
Vice President for Education and Student Affairs


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