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Frequently Asked Questions

There are many frequently asked questions (FAQ) asked by undergraduate, graduate students, and faculty staff. These questions are usually repeated due to their importance, so we have put on this page a set of the most frequently asked questions and detailed answers to them, to save time for students and faculty staff.

Q: What are the procedures for applying to the international publication?

A: You can find out how to apply for international publication and everything related to this issue via the following link:


A: There are many diverse activities offered to students, such as sports, arts, social, and others. For more details, you can visit the following link:


A: There are many medical services provided to students, you can find out more details from the following link:


A: This can be done by registering on the Egyptian University Libraries Federation website, for details:


A: To view all available research scholarships, please visit the following link


A: To view the introductory symposium on the missions’ plan, conditions of application and required documents, please visit the following link:


A: Ain Shams University offers a number of special programs for students in the first university level. For all the details, please visit the following link


A: Ain Shams University offers a number of distinguished programs for students in the postgraduate, master's and doctoral levels. For all the details, please visit the following link


A: You can subscribe to the text and email notifications service, for details:


A: You can book advanced English language training courses, specifically in TOEFL, through the Public Service and Social Development Center at Ain Shams University. For more details, please visit the following link


A: You can now pay tuition fees electronically through Fawry machines or through bank transfers to Banque Misr. For more information and details, please visit the following link:


A: To know how to register in university cities and many other services that the university provides to its students, you can visit the following link:


A: To find out about the electronic services available to graduate students, such as applying for graduate studies, selecting courses, booking TOEFL courses and many other services, please visit the following link:


A: To find out all the smart services provided by the university to faculty members, please visit the following link:


A: You can join the Alumni Association and benefit from the services provided by the Association through the following link:


A: There are several mechanisms for obtaining language advice, which can be identified through the following link:


A: Ain Shams University has achieved advanced ranks in a number of international rankings of universities, for details:


A: There are many recommendations for international scientific university conferences, for details:


A: The graduation certificate can be extracted electronically, for details: