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Medical Services

20461 2024-01-09

The university is keen on providing full medical care for their students, including preventive and curative care: Medicine in all its branches and Dental department in addition to provide the necessary medicines, do the surgical operations and the work of the medical examinations of the analysis and scan through the General Administration of Medical Affairs, which includes several outdoor clinics and hospitals dedicated to students and medical centers are existing in every faculty.

In addition to medical centers in university hostels (female students – male students) and there are many doctors , dentists, pharmacists and medical services assist (Nursing) in every Medical Center and secretary for administrative as well as providing Pharmacy from which to provide medical care for students throughout the year and follow-up during the exams, the medical centers in university hostel are characterized by providing medical services 24 hours in a shift system as well as students Hospital.

These services are evident through the following:

1- A medical examination on university new entrant students at the beginning of the university.

2- Each faculty has a medical center providing primary medical services for all students (examinations and treatment).

3- For specialist services that are not available in medical Center, the faculty converts student to the General Administration of Medical Affairs, which offers all the specialized services through equipped clinics to do medical examination on them where they make all the necessary tests of analyzes and x-rays in students Hospital, as well as provide the necessary treatment.

4- In the case of non-availability of the services in Students Hospital so the students are converted to Demerdash Hospital or Ain Shams Hospital, is also making some rays and examinations in centers and hospitals of State in the event of unavailability of University Hospitals in cases of accidents and extreme emergency that the student is transferred to university hospitals after the stability condition.

5- All necessary surgeries for students are performed at Student Hospital, Demerdash Hospital, or Ain Shams Specialized (orthopedic operations - kidney transplants and making the necessary examinations for students and donors - liver transplants and making the necessary checks for students and donors - ophthalmic operations of all kinds - marrow transplants and making the necessary checks for the student and the donor. Tumor eradication operations.

6- The provision of essential and emergency medicines to all cases of Ain ​​Shams University students have been treated by the General Administration of Medical Affairs and include:
*  Essential medicines for severe, regular cases that are frequent on the faculties of the university medical centers and outdoor clinics in medical management.
*  Provide the exams drugs in faculties of the university.
*  The provision of drugs for chronic conditions such as sugar - blood pressure - and other.
*  Provide special cases drugs such as organ transplants - scattered sclerosis patients nervous system (MS) - Mediterranean fever patients - tumor - hepatocellular viruses - severe psychological conditions and other.
*  Provision of emergency drugs which are purchased based on reports from the gentlemen consultants on a case by case basis.
*  Provide emergency medicines to the camps, trips and student activities throughout the year.
*  Provide emergency medicines for medical centers and university hostels for the morning and evening periods.
*  Provision of operations medicines and emergency in hospital.


The state pays great attention to health care for all Egyptians, and since you are the hope of today and the builders of tomorrow; The university administration has been keen to develop and modernize the healthcare system provided to you to maintain your safety and keep up with international health standards. We are pleased to have this brochure in your hands through which you will have more knowledge about the mechanisms for obtaining medical services, hot numbers for service requests, and other information that secure ways for you to obtain the best medical service via the hands of medical teams with the highest level of experience and skill. Read more . .