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includes faculty of Agriculture, and Arid Land Agricultural Research Institute.

About Us

Ain Shams University Research Scholar

Ain Shams University exports digitization, archiving and digital retrieval technologies. The field of electronic archiving is a vital area because it contains hundreds of thousands of very important documents that require effective production of electronic documents, as well as effectiveness in storage and retrieval processes. The site is available to visitors from countries Foreign nationals may enter and benefit from scientific theses and research abstracts published by members of the university’s faculty.

success stories

A breakthrough in diagnosis of a blinding eye condition.

Prof. Dr. Magd Zakaria an eminent professor of neurology at Ain Shams University has published in the Lancet a breakthrough in diagnosis of the blinding "optic neuritis". In collaboration with 100 researchers (60 countries) the most recent diagnosis criteria were laid down after a meticulous 3year process.

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Professor of Nutrition at the Faculty of Agriculture receives the Geneva Prize for Inventions

Dr. Hany Mahmoud Gado, Professor of Nutrition at the Faculty of Agriculture, Ain Shams University, received the Geneva International Prize for Inventions, for ZAD TECHNOLOGY, which is a technology based on the use of types of bacteria, enzymes, and some other things to improve the nutritional value of animal food, which provides an increase the production, about 200 grams of meat, and 2 liters of milk from the production of cows.

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"Shams" First robotic nurse implemented by a research team at the Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences

The idea of ​​the robot stemmed from the conditions imposed by the pandemic and the need to follow preventive measures, so the students of the Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences were keen to implement a project that serves the patient and is in the interest of the health sector in the first place.

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Improving the performance of organic solar cells for energy production...A research work by the Faculty of Engineering and University of Oxford

Within the framework of the state’s endeavor to promote research projects, support and encourage young researchers,and is keen to establish research projects, in addition to the state’s work to keep pace with the increasing demand for energy by adopting renewable, meeting energy needs in sustainable ways and providing clean and affordable energy, a project has been submitted. (Start GCRF), which is specialized in Synchrotron Technologies for African Research and Technology, headed by Prof.Dr. Ghada Bassiouni, Professor of Chemistry, Faculty of Engineering,& Prof.Dr. Moritz Rida of Oxford University.

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The Faculty of Environmental Studies and Research inaugurates a machine for solid waste and replaces it with a credit for mobile phones

In a pioneering experiment to motivate students to actively participate in the sorting and rational disposal of solid waste, which reduces environmental pollution and creates a green campus, the Graduate School of Environmental Research at Ain Shams University witnessed a celebration of the Green Transformation Unit Shams Be Green to supply a machine to exchange cans and empty plastic bottles with a credit for the phone mobile

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The Research Enterprise

Research Centers

These centers work on preparing scientific research in various fields, and through these researches, it aims to solve societal and environmental problems in various scientific, social and economic issues.

Centers Of Excellence

These are a resource for students who are interested in entrepreneurship and innovation, these were established to help them think, innovate and build, and provide the support resources they need to develop their skills, ideas and projects.

Ihub Center

It is based on adopting the ideas of research projects which are submitted by students or staff in each faculty, and the university spends on it financially or finds funders in the Egyptian market to adopt it until its completion.

Scientific Research Resources

Offers support to ASU's researchers, management and other employees in external research funding.

Assisting the student or staff in obtaining a scholarship to enable them to complete his scientific studies in the chosen research topic.

The researcher puts the idea of the scientific study that he intends to research in, and it is submitted to the concerned authorities to be discussed.

It is the faculty staff obtaining a patent on a specific research topic because it has not been discussed or researched before.

About Us

ASU Staff Services

Faculty staff can benefit from many distinguished services, for example, but not limited to: Staff portal, which provides a presentation of basic and functional data for members, in addition to the availability of applying for international publication and nomination for awards. It also provides information on medical services and training courses available through the Training and Development Center.

Scientific Conferences and Journals

Scientific Journals

Ain Shams University faculties publish many specialized scientific journals in various fields, and these journals are usually court, and the scientific journals which are issued by the university have obtained advanced degrees in a number of local and international classifications.


ASU Scientific Conferences

Ain Shams University organizes annual international scientific conferences, in which specialists and professors from around the world participate, and these conferences usually come out with important recommendations that have a great impact on the path of science.


Libraries and Museums


Ain Shams University faculties contain many museums in various fields, including rock museums, animals, and plants, in addition to the insect museum, and all of these museums are used during the educational process. Read More ..


Ain Shams University has a large central library, which is divided into two sides, one electronic and the other paper, and through an elaborate archiving and search system, the researcher can access the information which he needs. Read More ..