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Ain Shams University Research Plan

18158 2022-06-01

Ain Shams University Research Plan

  • 1. Strategic objectives of reformulating the scientific research plan of Ain Shams University:
  • 2. Achieving food self-sufficiency for the Arab Republic of Egypt in light of the challenges related to water resources.
  • 3. Climate changes and their impact on the local and regional environment.
  • 4. Finding purely national solutions to meet the challenges of Egypt's entry into the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Internet of Things.
  • 5. Anticipating the spread of microbes of all kinds that may cause epidemics in the Arab Republic of Egypt and working to find a vaccine for them.
  • 6. Self-sufficiency in medicine for the Arab Republic of Egypt.
  • 7. How to control overpopulation and its problems and invest it positively for sustainable development.

Parties expected to be involved in selecting the executive procedures for these strategic attitudes for scientific research:

  • 1. Research Board of Ain Shams University.
  • 2. The Graduate Studies and Research Board of Ain Shams University.
  • 3. Medical Research Center of Faculty of Medicine.
  • 4. Drug Development Center at Faculty of Pharmacy.
  • 5. Excellence and Research Centers at Ain Shams University for people with disabilities.
  • 6. Experts in industry, agriculture and information technology, and Egyptian Businessmen Association.
  • 7. Armed Forces Research Center.


* All faculties will participate with these research parties

* These strategic topics do not mean that researchers will not embark on any other research they prefer, but human and material resources will support the basic plan for three years.

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