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Ain Shams University faculties publish many specialized scientific journals in various fields, and these journals are usually court, and the scientific journals which are issued by the university have obtained advanced degrees in a number of local and international classifications.


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Postgraduate students are committed to many administrative regulations related to the conditions for admission to graduate studies, which vary from one degree to another, in addition to the distinguished scientific programs in each of the university’s faculties, the application forms and documents required for enrollment, in addition to the expenses required from Egyptians and expatriates, in addition to the training courses available to graduate students... below includes all these rules and more.




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Scientific research

Researchers are among the important groups at Ain Shams University... Therefore, the Graduate Studies and Research Sector is keen to provide all the best ways to provide scientific, research and educational services that contribute to helping them advance in scientific research and at the same time be a catalyst for them to innovate, excel so that they can contribute in solving society's problems on the one hand, advancing scientific research on the other hand, and raising the university's international ranking on the third hand.