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16411 2021-09-28

Investigating the Impacts of Dredgingon Improving the Water Qualityand Circulation of Lake Marioutvia Hydrodynamics


bstract A two-dimensional hydrodynamic and water quality numericalflowmodel has been developed for Lake Mariout to simulate theflow pattern in thelake vicinity of the study area, the discharges and pollution loadings coming fromthe agricultural drains, and the point sources discharged directly to the lake. Afterthe model development and calibration,different potential model scenarios weresuggested for increasing the storage capacity of the lake’s basins and its impact onlake hydraulics,

and therefore water quality conditions have been implemented.Thefirst scenario was to study the deepening one or more basin and the effect ofthis deepening on water levels on different basins and the effect on the performanceof El Mex pumping station and whether the pump station can lift the new lifting heador not. If there is an effect on the water surface of the lake, the model studied theoptimum operation scenario for operating the El Mex pumping station. Also,different scenarios for highflood events have been studied and how shallfloodwater be stored in the basins and be lifted to the sea. Also, a study was carried on thepossibility of using the Wadi Mariout as an emergency storage basin by connecting itto the current lake’s basins and its capacity to accumulate futurefloods. Finally, ascenario has been conducted on the diversion of inflowing drains for agriculturereuse and the inflow into the lake with evaporation compensation. The resultsindicated that 1 m dredging works in the northern, western, and southern basinwould improve the circulation in the lake. Moreover, it will increase the storagecapacity and will improve the water quality. Also, a connection between the south-western basins with the salt basin will improve the water circulation and storagecapacity of the lake. Read more


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