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Google Scholar Service

16621 2022-05-09

How to register faculty members and researchers at Google Scholar

The faculty members and researchers at Ain Shams University can benefit from the Google Scholar service, which means publishing members ’research and academic data on the Internet and making it available to all.

You can view Ain Shams University faculty members and researchers who have registered their accounts on the service through: A list of Ain Shams University researchers on Google Scholar. The steps to register and activate the service are as follows:

  • 1- There must be an account on Google website (G-mail). If it is not available, then log on to and choose “Create an Account” and fill in the free subscription data.
  • 2- Log in to the Google Scholar service website at, and follow the instructions shown on the website.
  • 3- In order for Google to make sure that you are affiliated with a scientific academic entity, your email must be used on the Ain Shams University website as a means of verification (Email Verification).
  • 4- Very important: write your place of study and the name of the university it belongs to.
  • 5- Finally, you have a Google account on which your research is added, through which you can know the number of inferences and the extent of the spread of the research and its use by other researchers, and you can of course add other searches that are not included in the Google list and add the data that it deems appropriate for it.