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Mathematical Statistics Program

2022-06-06 1500289
  • Distinctive features of the program
  • Program Objectives
  • Contact Method

Program Features

1. The importance of the mathematical statistics program is that mathematical statistics is considered the backbone of many fields. Therefore, the graduate of this program will have distinctive features that are compatible with the needs of the labor market, which strongly requires this program.

2. With scientific and technological progress, there is no field of practical and scientific life that does not depend on the science of statistics. Students' awareness of the importance of this specialization in the scientific research fields shows the importance of this program and makes it a reason for wanting to join this program.

3. Due to the scarcity of specializing in mathematical statistics, the graduate of this program will be distinguished for his specialization in mathematical statistics.

4. The presence of summer training in some of the vital state institutions for students of this program, such as the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics, the General Authority for Meteorology, and Military Production Factories.

Program Objectives

1- Providing students with the main statistical concepts.

2- Effectively preparing students for postgraduate studies in statistical sciences so that they are able to occupy statistical jobs anywhere such as ministries, institutions, and factories.

3- Doing statistical research and working in research centers.

4- Teaching statistics courses in various educational institutions.

5- Providing studies and consultations in the field of statistics.

6- Processing and analyzing all kinds of data statistically and extracting and interpreting statistical indicators.

Contact Method

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