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Botany  Chemistry Program

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  • Program Objectives
  • Program Advantages and career prospects
  • Program Structure
  • Contact methods

Program Objectives

The aims of applying credit hours system to the graduates of Botany/Chemistry program (Department of Botany, Faculty of Science, Ain Shams University) are mainly to:

* Increase the chances to the student of choosing the suitable program and courses, which cope with his/her competence.

* Offer the chance of increasing the cumulative rate of the student.

* Facilitate the contact between the student and the professor and the accurate assessment of the student.

* Provide graduates professional in research in the field of botany and chemistry.

* Offer skills to the graduates to participate effectively in solving problems prevailed in the environment and postulate effective, safer and economical ways to deal with these problems.

* Provide outstanding and expert botanists and chemists adopted to work in different research centers, analytical labs, drug and chemical companies, hospitals, private universities and international schools.

* Utilize the basic science and theories to interpret and solve problems related to the field of agricultural and chemical practices.

Program Advantages and career prospects

In addition to the advantages of the credit-hour system (refer to the aims of the program) the Botany/Chemistry program, Department of Botany – Faculty of Science – Ain Shams University provides the following advantages:

* The program provides the students with excellent information on basic science in general and Botany in particular.

* The graduates will have laboratory and field skills related to Botany, Chemistry, Biotechnology and Bioinformatics.

* The graduates will have opportunities to participate in solving problems related to environment, biodiversity, uses of plants as a source of natural products biofuels and how to protect the endangered species.

Career Prospects:

The Program provides outstanding and expert botanists and chemists working in different field as:

* Demonstrators and staff members in Botany Department.

* Research students in the National Research Center.

* Research students in Atomic Energy Authority.

* Research students in Agriculture Research Center.

* Research members in Ministry of Environment.

* Teachers in Private Universities, National and International Schools.

* Workers in analytical labs, hospitals, factories-related to plant products.

Program Specification

Aims of the program

Compatibility between NARS and ARS for the ILOs of the program

Compatibility of ARS with the ILOs of the program

Matrix of compatibility of the program ILOs with the courses of the program

Matrix of compatibility of the program ILOs and those of the courses

Course Specifications and Matrices of Botany Departments

Program Structure

Contact methods

Prof. Dr. Azza Al Shafei

Phone: 01002247332