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Math program

2021-10-10 1500306
  • Distinctive Features of the Program
  • Program Objectives
  • Program Structure
  • Contact Method

Distinctive Features of the Program

1. The importance of the program is represented in the integration between the fields of pure mathematics and applied mathematics. Pure mathematic is the backbone for many applied fields; pure mathematics is also irreplaceable in many scientific applications in the fields of applied mathematics and engineering fields. Therefore, the graduate of this program will have distinctive features that fits the needs of the labor market that strongly require these fields both.

2. With the scientific and technological progress, there is no field either in practical or scientific fields that does not depend on pure mathematics and applied mathematics. Due to the importance of these two fields and the students’ awareness of the compatibility of the two fields with the needs of labor market, as well as their importance in scientific research fields, the number of the students is increasing to register in this program.

3. Due to the scarcity of mathematics specialization, the graduate of this program will be distinctive because of its specialization in the fields of pure mathematics and applied mathematics.

4. There is a summer training in some critical state institutions for the students of this program.

Program Objectives

1. Student will acquire a high educational level in the essential mathematics field for all programs and specializations according to the academic standard criteria.

2. Student will acquire the skill of dealing with different mathematic concepts.

3. Student will acquire the necessary skills in mathematics field that will qualify him to compete in the labor market.

4. Student will acquire the skills that qualify him for self-learning, resuming post-graduate studies and preparing scientific research on mathematics.

Program Structure



Contact Method

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