• Mission
    Integration of the overall quality culture and continuous improvement in the educational and research process. - Enrich the theoretical and applied knowledge in accordance with the standards of ethical, social and cultural life of society. - Spread the culture and ethics of scientific research Details

Rankings of universities... evaluation criteria despite the different
  • Ain Shams University advancing in Webometrics Ranking in the 2013
  • Ain Shams ranked 601 in the English QS rating
  • University get a third level in the Arab classification URAP in 2012
  • Institutions websites, disciplines, scientific research, international awards and academic performance are the criteria for evaluating universities
  • it’s a faculty that obtained the adoption of quality since October 2011, and still has aspirations to provide better services, maintenance. More
    Dr. Mohammed Sweilem, a teacher and deputy head of the Department of Physics at the American University in Cairo
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