Ain Shams University seeks to achieve excellence in the field of higher education and scientific research at the local, regional and global levels under an atmosphere of independence, freedom, democracy, equality and contribute in community service and to achieve sustainable development


 Community service and environmental affairs Sector and initiatives to resolve issues
Community Service and Environmental Affairs Sector offers an educational services in various aspects through seminars.
New Year's preparations at various levels of education, security and infrastructure
  •  Ain Shams University receives 230 000 students this year
  •  New programs at Faculties of Medicine and Engineering
  •  New maintenance at new facilities and renovations in the labs
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    Prof. Abdel Ghani El-Gendy ... continuous tender for more than forty years
    Professor of professors... is his nickname in the scientific community, which belongs to his title, a title expresses the prestigious scientific prestige reached his effort and his work and achievements in the field of modern irrigation systems in Egypt