• Vision
    Ain Shams University seeks to achieve excellence in the field of higher education and scientific research at the local, regional and global levels under an atmosphere of independence, freedom, democracy, equality and contribute in community service and to achieve sustainable development Details

Rankings of universities... evaluation criteria despite the different
  • Ain Shams University advancing in Webometrics Ranking in the 2013
  • Ain Shams ranked 601 in the English QS rating
  • University get a third level in the Arab classification URAP in 2012
  • Institutions websites, disciplines, scientific research, international awards and academic performance are the criteria for evaluating universities
  • it’s a faculty that obtained the adoption of quality since October 2011, and still has aspirations to provide better services, maintenance. More
    Dr. Mohammed Sweilem, a teacher and deputy head of the Department of Physics at the American University in Cairo
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