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Celebration of the Egyptian woman and the ideal mother at Ain Shams University "She is a success story"
Celebration of the Egyptian woman and the ideal mother at Ain Shams University "She is a success story"

Prof. Ghada Farouk, Vice President of Ain Shams University for Community Service and Environmental Development, opened the university's celebration of the Egyptian Woman's Day and the Ideal Mother took place in the university's grand conference hall, which came under the title (She is a success story).


In her speech, she indicated that this day is a tribute and appreciation for the role of women who never gave up their work and family responsibilities, in addition to achieving distinction and leadership in their practical life in various scientific, artistic, cultural, sports, social and other fields.

And she talked about the community of Ain Shams University, where women occupy half of the positions of deans of faculties, in addition to holding them to the presidency of a number of prestigious centers in the university.

"Today we celebrate every Egyptian woman, not just those who hold a leadership position," she said.

During the ceremony, Prof. Ghada Farouk, inspected an exhibition of artworks that express the role of women and their empowerment in society.


The celebration was organized by the Student Family for Central Egypt and coordinated by Prof. Jihan Rajab, Advisor to the Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development, Prof. Hatem Rabih, a general leader of the Students for Central Egypt family at Ain Shams University, and a Prof. Hind Al-Hilali, Director of the Women's Support and Anti-Violence Unit, Prof. Sherawat Al-Ahmadi, Director of the Expatriate Department at the University, and Prof. Dina Farouk Abu Zaid, Director of the Media Center of Ain Shams University, Dr. Weam Mahmoud, Deputy Director of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center for Development Affairs at Ain Shams University

Then a dialogue session was held, which was moderated by the media, Ghada Al-Sharif, and hosted Major General Sawsan Darwish Zaki, the first female participating officer in the United Nations Peacekeeping Forces, Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Sherihan Hassan Abu Ali, Head of the Quality and Infection Control Department and Support for Field Medical Convoys, and Pharmacist Yasmina Al-Saeed, who was She was honored by the First Lady as a successful model for her role as an international handball court, and Dr. Nihad Abu Al-Qumsan, President of the Egyptian Council for Women's Rights and a member of the National Council for Women.


At the beginning of the dialogue session, Prof. Hind Al-Hilali explained the role of the Women’s Support and Anti-Violence Unit in the university and the official channels that support women, in addition to the psychological support provided by the unit to women who have been subjected to violence.

During her speech, Major General Sawsan Darwish Zaki reviewed part of her experience in the armed forces and her participation in the peacekeeping forces when she passed a number of strong and accurate tests that she successfully passed. Her mission was in Sudan, the Darfur region, and she faced many dangers of life for a long time in the desert.


She advised each girl, saying, "Be up to the challenge from the beginning." She also focused on the importance of insisting on success and overcoming all challenges to present an honorable model worthy of representing the name of Egypt loudly.

Lieutenant Colonel Dentist Sherihan Hassan also reviewed her experience that her first role model was her father, who is one of the men of the armed forces in the War of Attrition and the October War, stressing the importance of sticking to the dream despite all the odds, in addition to being a successful mother and wife.

Dr. Yasmina Al-Saeed talked about her experience and that of her sister in the handball game, which she started in high school and achieved international achievements in addition to her studies at the Faculty of Pharmacy, at Ain Shams University.


Dr. Nihad Abu Al-Qumsan held a dialogue about women’s work, especially self-employment, its most important features, and the importance of women having high capabilities and a strong network of relationships. She talked about her expertise and experience in law, life and marriage, her success in all of them, and how her husband was her biggest supporter.

At the end of the events, the guests were honored, and Prof. Jihan Ragab, thanks to all university leaders for their support in organizing the celebration and the Students for Egypt family for their participation in organizing the ceremony.

Then the audience enjoyed a musical performance, and Prof. Ahmed Salem, professor of violin in the Department of Musical Education, Faculty of Specific Education, played .


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