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An inspection tour by the President of Ain Shams University to check on the process of exams
An inspection tour by the President of Ain Shams University to check on the process of exams

Today, Prof. Mohamed Diaa Zain El Abedeen, President of Ain Shams University, inspected the examination committees in the Faculties of Pharmacy, Dentistry, and Al-Alsun to follow up on the progress of the second-semester examinations, check on the progress of the examinations, and provide an appropriate environment for the comfort of the students and help them focus and perform the examinations in calm and order. During the tour, His Excellency was accompanied by the Assistant Secretary of the University for Education and Student Affairs, as well as the Deans and Vice Deans of the faculties.


The tour began with His Excellency inspecting the examination committees at the Faculty of Pharmacy and directed the necessity of organizing students within the committees, reducing the phenomenon of cheating, and taking all legal measures against rioters.

It is noteworthy that the exams began at the Faculty on May 18th and will end with the vacation date, as the total number of students in the Faculty of Pharmacy for the programs reached 2,200 students. Exams are held in the faculty in two periods a day for 26 committees, and preventive measures were taken to ensure the safety of students before taking exams, including measuring temperatures and sterilization

The university president also visited the Faculty of Dentistry to inspect the examination work, which began last week.

Today, the faculty conducted an exam for 19 committees for a total of 441 fourth-level students, while the total number of students in the faculty reached 2,500 students in the bachelor’s level, and in the credit hour program, the number of students reached 310. During the tour, His Excellency praised the good conduct of the examination process, its organization, and its dates, and stressed that students are prohibited from entering with mobile phones to the committees, avoiding crowding, having enough observers for each committee, organizing the entry of students into and out of the exam committees, and the necessity of the presence of the dean, the competent agent, and all officials during the exams to solve and contain any emergency problems.


His Excellency concluded the tour by passing through Al-Alsun Faculty, where the second-semester exams begin today, where Prof. Mohamed Diaa Zain El-Abedeen inspected the exam committees and the credit hour committees for 117 committees. Exams are held in two periods at the faculty. During the tour, His Eminence conducted a dialogue with the students to check on the exam and its extent. Measuring exams according to the level of students, matching them to specifications, and considering the proportionality of the number of questions with the time available for the exam

At the conclusion of the tour, His Excellency stressed the necessity of applying the technical specifications for the examination paper in accordance with the approved standards and standards that determine the content and form of the examination question paper and for the questions to be clear, in addition to giving sufficient time for each examination and emphasizing that faculty staff are present inside the halls to answer students’ inquiries and provide all logistics services for students taking exams, including lighting, ventilation, and other tools to make exams good and comfortable.

It is noteworthy that the education and student affairs sector at the university had taken a package of measures in preparation for the start of the second-semester exams, including emphasizing the instructions for precautionary measures and necessary measures to preserve the health of all parties to the educational system, emphasizing that students should not enter exam committees with mobile phones, while clearly announcing the penalty for their use. In all places.

In addition to completing the necessary maintenance work for the examination building and the tent to receive 3,500 students, the university faculties were assigned to prepare a daily report during the examination period, which includes numbers of student attendance, absences, cases of cheating, and cases of illness.