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The President of the University opens the activities of the Employment Fair with the participation of more than 55 local and international companies and banks
The President of the University opens the activities of the Employment Fair with the participation of more than 55 local and international companies and banks

Prof. Dr. Mahmoud El-Metini, President of Ain Shams University, opened the activities of the university's annual employment forum, in the presence of Prof. Dr. Ayman Saleh, Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research, Prof. Dr. Hesham Tamraz, Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development, Eng. Amr Mahfouz, CEO of the Information Technology Industry Development Authority, representing the Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Counselor Medhat Al-Ghamrawi, Director of the Manpower Directorate in Cairo and Sharqia, representing the Minister of Manpower, and Dr. Ayman Farid, Director of the Employment Center , and a group of deans, vice deans, faculty staff and company representatives.

The fair witnessed a huge turnout from students and graduates wishing to obtain excellent employment and training opportunities. This fair allows students to communicate with company representatives in person and to apply for available jobs and training opportunities. More than 55 local and international institutions in various disciplines participate in the forum.

In his speech, Prof. Dr. Mahmoud El-Metini, President of Ain Shams University, confirmed that labor market changes have become fast, which forces us to keep pace with them, stressing that Ain Shams University, as one of the largest Egyptian universities, seeks to provide excellent job opportunities for its children, pointing out that this fair is the first for the university, and all faculties of the university participate in it, as befits the name of Ain Shams University.

He added that the fair will be held annually, and the university will seek to make it the largest employment fair in Egypt, the Middle East and Africa, and there will be efforts to involve the university's partners from all countries of the world in the forum that will be organized next year.

El-Metini added that the university’s Career center receives all support from the university administration as a leading center, pointing out that the center’s work continues throughout the year as it receives many ideas and visions from all sectors, which will have a positive impact on the academic and teaching content by adding the necessary skills to the labor market, in addition to its role in qualifying and training students for the labor market.

In a speech entitled "The Importance of Scientific Research in Activating Communication between the Labor Market and Universities", Prof. Dr. Ayman Saleh, Vice President for Postgraduate Studies and Research, said that the Career Center is one of the university’s arms to make a difference in society, within the framework of Ain Shams University’s endeavor to join the fourth generation universities that seek to change society cognitively, economically and socially and the existing research centers, such as the Career Center, praising the center’s efforts in providing vocational rehabilitation to students, even in the curricula. It had a role in developing them with proposals, as it monitors what we need to modify to provide a graduate who is more efficient and suitable for the labor market.

Prof. Dr. Hesham Tamraz delivered a speech under the title “The Impact of the Career Center on the Community and Supporting Its Social Fabric.” He began his speech by congratulations on the advent of the holy month of Ramadan. He also welcomed all participants, and explained that Ain Shams University is a prestigious institution that is always working to open new horizons for its students, stressing his confidence in the quality of Ain Shams University graduates.

He explained that the Career Center serves students in their career path, noting that the events of the fair are attended by representatives from international companies to learn about the capabilities of Ain Shams graduates, in addition to speeches delivered by experts to benefit the participants.

On behalf of Dr. Amr Talaat, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Eng. Amr Mahfouz, CEO of the Information Technology Industry Development Authority, spoke in a speech entitled “The Ministry’s Role in Supporting Youth and Entrepreneurs in the Field of Communication and Information Technology in the Field of Various Initiatives.” During his speech, he praised the level of Ain Shams University graduates, who are highly distinguished. He also touched on the various training programs offered by the Ministry to qualify young people for the labor market.

He explained that the communications and information technology sector has witnessed a great development as a result of the Corona pandemic, which created greater job opportunities in this sector, pointing out that there are one million job opportunities available in India alone as the largest market in this field, which led to an increase in service prices from 30-40 %, which represents an opportunity for well-qualified Egyptian youth to work in this market.

He added that there is a global campaign under the slogan "It's time for Egypt" with the aim of exploiting the people of Egypt for all available opportunities. He also talked about job opportunities available in the local market, noting that the digitization of all services in Egypt created a market that needs skills, as it expanded Companies in recruitment.

He also talked about the training opportunities offered by the ministry, pointing out that there are 10,000 training opportunities in the field of languages ​​ (English - French - German), in addition to training courses in the field of communication skills, programming skills, artificial intelligence, Internet of things, electronic program design, and others. Training grants were also provided, referring to the Our Digital Future initiative, in which 180,000 young men and women were trained in various skills, stressing that the courses are free and are given certificates recognized in the labor market.

He added that the startup sector is a promising sector that has grown significantly during the last period. He also touched on self-employment (Free Lancer) and supporting young people through the Our Digital Future initiative and providing them with the skills necessary to obtain job opportunities anywhere in the world while he is at his home by working as a freelancer. Lancer.

Counselor Medhat Al-Ghamrawi, Director of the Directorate of Manpower in Cairo and Sharqia governorates, delivered a speech on behalf of Mr. Mohamed Mahmoud Saafan, Minister of Manpower, in which he conveyed the greetings of His Excellency the Minister, and praised Ain Shams University and the Employment Fair that provides real job opportunities for young people.

He also talked about the services provided by the ministry to job-seeking youth in general, and in more details he talked about the roles of the Directorate of Manpower in Cairo, referring to the training center of the directorate, in which young people are qualified to enter the labor market and trained on everything new in the field of the labor market. Where young people are trained on 11 professions, including job training to develop their skills in the labor market, qualifying young people for professions required for the labor market, such as mobile phone maintenance and repair, showers and others.

He added that the ministry pays attention to people with special needs, as it provides them with job opportunities in the private sector.

Dr. Ayman Farid, Director of the Employment Center, explained that the forum comes as a belief in the university’s role in building a better future for its students, and from this standpoint, the university established the Employment Center to support the career path of students, convinced of their role in building a future for our country and pushing the labor market forward, as well as to be an example for other universities to follow. The center seeks to build the skills required for students in the local and international labor market.

He added that the Employment Fair witnessed participations from major local and international companies, so that the university's students can seize opportunities to join the labor market.