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The Ministers of Electricity, Education, Archeology and Military Production witness the award of honorary doctorate to Prof. Dr. Ahmed Okasha
The Ministers of Electricity, Education, Archeology and Military Production witness the award of honorary doctorate to Prof. Dr. Ahmed Okasha

The University has launched its 8th scientific conference entitled "Creativity ... Innovation ... Industry" in the presence of the Ministers of Electricity, Renewable Energy, State of Military Production, Education and Antiquities, Chairman of the Arab Organization for Industrialization, Prince Nayef Bin Thunayan Al Saud, chairman of the Saudi delegation and the global engineer Hani Azar.

In his speech, Prof. Dr. Abdul Wahab Ezzat said that scientific research is no longer a luxury of research and academic institutions to reach knowledge and scientific facts. It has become a cultural function of contemporary societies and a reflection of the nature and extent of development witnessed by countries and the necessity of achieving comprehensive and sustainable development in various fields. The scientific research is a tool to support the national economy through the innovative solutions that contribute to the growth of national industry and increase the use of the technological component of the manufacture, which reflects positively on the competitiveness of the Egyptian product in markets alternative to traditional markets, which necessitated the need to The universities are essential partners in keeping with the Fourth Industrial Revolution, by linking educational curricula and training programs with the requirements of the labor market to prepare innovative and creative graduates for the labor market locally, regionally and internationally. He praised the role of political leadership in supporting and developing education system in the 2019 as a year of education.

Prof. Dr. Abdul Nasser Sengab, Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research and Vice-President of the Conference stressed that creativity has become the language of the present era, and there is no longer a place for the stereotypes in their dreams and aspirations and ways of thinking. Creativity and innovation became the means of societies conscious to achieve prosperity and progress in all areas of life.

He added that the importance of innovation and creativity in societies comes to meet the challenges of the age in the lack of natural resources and the rise of the value of creativity and innovation and the transformation of the global economy from dependence on industry to rely on knowledge and innovation, the idea of creativity.

He pointed out that they found that they have to build the idea of creativity and innovation and work to root in the hearts of students from the age of nails and even access to university level and even after the end of this stage, it is the only way to face the challenges and fierce competition.

He said that Ain Shams University has adopted in its strategic plan 2023-2018 the achievement of global competitiveness in the management of an innovative system by creating an environment conducive to innovation and preparing a graduate capable of competing in the labor market according to international developments.

The staff of war, Abdel Moneim Al Taras added that without innovations and creativity, the nations will not advance, stressing the need for innovation to be applied to the scope of application, pointing to the adoption of the T-based philosophy of technology (Technology development, development of human competencies, manufacturing all we need, exporting quality and competitive Egyptian products. He pointed out that the Egyptian product seeks to compete internationally through mega projects.

Prince Nayef bin Thunayan Al Saud also praised the efforts of Ain Shams University and its pioneering role not only in Egypt but also in the Arab world, praising the conference entitled "Creativity, Innovation and Industry" which emphasizes the role of universities and science in supporting and achieving economic development that depends on creativity and innovation in all fields.

He also stressed the importance of scientific partnerships among the various countries of the world, especially that the economy of countries has become dependent on knowledge and is the only way to achieve the prosperity sought by all peoples of the world

He also referred to the efforts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in supporting and developing scientific research, implementing a number of projects and researches, and achieving global competition and the state.

The inaugural ceremony included honoring the award-winning professors (Nile, the State of Appreciation, Encouragement, Excellence and Pioneers) and the honorary doctorate of Prof. Dr. Ahmed Okasha, the pioneer of psychiatry in Egypt, the Arab world, the Middle East and Africa.