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The Department of Anesthesia and Intensive Care at the Faculty of Medicine celebrates its diamond jubilee
The Department of Anesthesia and Intensive Care at the Faculty of Medicine celebrates its diamond jubilee

The ninth conference of the Department of Anesthesia and Intensive Care at Ain Shams University was held to celebrate the diamond jubilee of the 75th anniversary of the establishment of the department, this is under the patronage of Prof. Mohamed Diaa Zain El Abedeen, President of Ain Shams University.

The opening was witnessed by Prof. Ali Al-Anwar, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, at Ain Shams University, Prof. Hala Sweid, Vice Dean of the Faculty for Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs, Prof. Rania Salah, Vice Dean of the Faculty for Student Affairs, Prof. Tariq Youssef, Executive Director of Ain Shams University Hospitals, and Prof. Hisham Anwar, Director of Ain Shams Specialized Hospital, and Prof. Haitham Abdel Azim, Deputy Director of Ain Shams Specialized Hospital.


Dr. Mohamed Hossam Shuqair, head of the department and president of the conference, stated in his speech that the conference comes within the framework of the diamond jubilee celebration of the start of work in the university hospitals. His Excellency declared, after obtaining the approval of Prof. Ali Al-Anwar and Prof. Tariq Youssef, that we are on our way to establishing an interventional pain treatment unit. Due to the increase in the number of those interested in pain treatment from inside and outside the department, and also to the formation of a large number of cadres in the anesthesia department in this field, the volume of expansions in the department included 100 operating rooms and 250 intensive care beds, in addition to pain treatment services.

Dr. Muhammad Ismail, Advisor to the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine for intensive care affairs, announced the near completion of the Medical City projects, which include the largest emergency hospital in the region, with 8 operating rooms and 66 intensive care beds, in addition to an emergency department at the world level in terms of design and equipment.

Dr. Walid Al-Taher, secretary of the conference, also indicated that the conference included various workshops in all fields of anesthesia, intensive care and pain treatment in order to train young doctors.


Dr. Hadeel Magdy, Head of the Scientific Committee, stated that the number of lecturers exceeds 60 lecturers from all universities and educational bodies from inside and outside Egypt.

Dr. Dalia Ahmed, Head of the Organizing Committee, explained the wide participation of anesthesiologists and care doctors from Egypt and abroad, in addition to an exhibition that included a large number of pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

The conference included 12 scientific sessions throughout the day, and the sessions varied, including sessions that presented everything new and advanced in anesthesiology, such as anesthesia for cardiothoracic surgery, neurosurgery, pediatric anesthesia, and obstetrics and gynecology anesthesia.

Other sessions discuss scientific research, education, treatment of chronic pain in patients, and therapeutic nutrition specialized in various diseases.

In addition to 4 workshops that taught new anesthesiologists how to deal with difficult airways and how to use ultrasound waves to diagnose various lung diseases in intensive care and various types of rational anesthesia, the sessions concluded with a session on ventilators and their development.

In addition to a number of lectures, they were broadcast online via the Zoom program so that all anesthesia doctors and professors in the Arab Republic of Egypt and abroad could benefit from the conference.