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A series of writer and book seminars at the Faculty of Girls
A series of writer and book seminars at the Faculty of Girls

Under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Amira Youssef, Dean of the Faculty of Girls, the Library Committee held its third seminar within the framework of the activities of a series of writers and writers seminars in the Faculty conference hall and through the Zoom platform, on Tuesday morning, June 28, 2022 AD on the topic: Smart Book Technology, and it is a special author for Professor Dr. Hanan Al Shaer Professor of Educational Technology at the Faculty, Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Research Affairs, and it is worth mentioning that it bears the same title.

The seminar touched on rich concepts in the context of e-learning based on the use of electronic and communication systems and advanced and newly developed technology in light of an integrated methodology for employing technology in various fields of teaching and learning.

The seminar resulted in the presentation of a set of ideas and research projects that would enrich and develop the prospects for university work. The discussions of the audience, whether direct attendance in the hall or via the Zoom platform, added to the seminar a pure intellectual richness and depth.

The seminar was moderated by Prof. Magda Mansour, Professor in the Department of English and Rapporteur of the Library Committee