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The President of the University issues a decision to disburse financial rewards to 36 university scholars on the Stanford List
The President of the University issues a decision to disburse financial rewards to 36 university scholars on the Stanford List

Prof. Dr. Mahmoud El-Metini, President of Ain Shams University, issued a decision to award a reward to 36 scientists from Ain Shams University whose names are included in the Stanford list of the best 2% of scientists in various fields around the world, according to the report published by the international publishing house Elsevier.

It depends on various indicators, including scientific publication, number of citations, Hirsch's coefficient, co-authorship, and the composite citation index. The list included professors from faculties of medicine, science, pharmacy, education, and engineering.

For his part, Dr. Mahmoud El-Metini, President of the University, said that this decision comes in light of the role played by the university in encouraging and motivating distinguished scientific research and international scientific publishing by maximizing the values ​​of rewards granted to faculty members and researchers at the university.

He explained that the increase in the number of university scholars from the faculty members included in the Stanford list reflects the rise in the rates and quality of international publication at the university and achieves excellence and leadership for Ain Shams University in international classifications, within the framework of the university's keenness to anticipate an ambitious and inspiring future that befits the university's long history and bright present. With the efforts of these scholars in promoting scientific research and the educational process and raising the status of Ain Shams University at the regional and international levels.

His Excellency has issued a decision to pay a monthly stipend for a period of one year at a value of 20,000 pounds per month to the faculty members of the Faculty of Education, who are:

Prof. Dr. Magdy Shibl Saleh, Prof. Dr. Mona Mustafa Ali and Prof. Dr. Khaled Fouad Khaled Mohamed, Prof. Dr. Magdy Ahmed Mohamed, Prof. Dr. Hala Rashad Ahmed Mahmoud, Prof. Dr. Suzan Mohamed Salah El-Din, Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Mohamed El-Nahhas, Prof. Dr. Aladdin Abdel Halim, Prof. Dr. Iman Zakaria Gomaa, and Nabil Tawfik Muhammad Al-Sabbagh.

From the Faculty of Science:

Prof. Dr. Zine El Abidine Kamel Heba, Prof. Dr. Mr. Ahmed Abdel Rahman, Prof. Dr. Syed Thabet Abdel Rahim and Prof. Dr. Saad Eddin Mohamed Hassan, Prof. Dr. Mohamed Abdel Hai Ahmed Ismail, Prof. Dr. Mohamed Said Attia, Prof. Dr. Mohamed Magdy Fahim, and Dr. Abdullah Mohammed Sami.

From the Faculty of Pharmacy (Prof. Ibtihal Al-Demerdash Zaki, Prof. Abdel Nasser Badawi Sengab, Prof. Rania Mohamed Hafez, Prof. Dr. Maha Nasr Sayed Ali).

From the Faculty of Medicine (Prof. Dr. Ashraf Fawzy Ibrahim, Prof. Dr. Ali Mohamed Zaki, Dr. Aya Mustafa Sayed, Prof. Dr. Wageda Abdel Rahman Anwar).

From the Faculty of Engineering (Prof. Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Munib, Prof. Dr. Abdel Halim Abdel Nabi Zekry, Prof. Dr. Diaa Abdel Majid Mohamed Khalil, Prof. Dr. Abdel Aal Hassan Ismail, Prof. Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Taha Hanafi.

It was also decided to disburse a reward of 20 thousand pounds for one time to the gentlemen (Prof. Dr. Hamdy Hassanein Hassan Saleh and Prof. Ayman Helmy Kamel from the Faculty of Science, Prof. Dr. Mohamed Fahmy Al-Sayed, Dr. Heba Ibrahim Rashad from the Faculty of Education, and Prof. Dr. Mohamed Lotfi Morsi Ashour, Faculty of Pharmacy.