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The Faculty of Specific Education wins first place in the Ain Shams Innovate competition
The Faculty of Specific Education wins first place in the Ain Shams Innovate competition

The Faculty of Specific Education won the first place in the Ain Shams Innovates competition - the researchers’ path - and the second place - the innovative ideas path - the humanities faculties sector during the final events of the “Ain Shams innovates” competition in its second edition, where the college won the first place in the path of researchers for an “educational method.” Innovative for teaching the blind musical notation" by researchers Prof. Dr. Mustafa Qadri, Prof. Dr. Maram Galal Tawfik, and the second place in the Innovative Ideas Track for the idea of ​​"Mind Areas", which presents a proposal for an innovative electronic system for managing innovative ideas and developing entrepreneurship skills among Egyptian university graduates. Heba Samir Awadallah, a PhD researcher in the Department of Education Technology, won second place.


And that was during the final activities of the "Ain Shams Innovates" competition in its second edition, which is held under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Mahmoud El-Metini, President of Ain Shams University, Prof. Dr. Ayman Saleh, Vice President of Graduate Studies and Research Affairs, Prof. Dr. Abdel Fattah Saoud, Vice President of Education and Student Affairs, and Prof. Dr. Hisham Tamraz, Vice President of Community and Environmental Affairs, and supervised by Prof. Dr. Maged Ghanima, Director of the iHub Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center at the university, in the presence of Prof. Dr. Osama El-Sayed Mustafa, Dean of the Faculty of Specific Education, Prof. Dr. Amal Nasr El-Din Suleiman, Director of the iHub Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit at the faculty, and a group of businessmen, ministers, deans of faculties and agents.

The faculty also participated in the orchestra with the Eastern Takht team, led by Dr. Saber Abdel Sattar - Qanoon, Dr. Mahmoud Essam - Canter Bus, Dr. Mohamed Essam - Nay, Islam Ayman - Oud, Mahmoud Abdel-Alim - Violin, Mohamed Osama - Violin, Omar Abdel Wahab - Percussion, Ibrahim Haroun - Percussion, and the Takht presented three Distinguished musical pieces, and a section of the song “Alf Leila Wa Leila” was performed by Nancy, a second year student in the Music Education Department.


This is in addition to the distinguished art exhibition, which contained distinguished artworks produced by faculty members, the supporting staff, and researchers in the field of art education, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Noha Abdel Aziz, Head of the Art Education Department, which included figurative paintings in acrylic colors, figurative oil paintings, print artifacts, textile paintings, metal works, ceramic works, figurative paintings, handicrafts and leather works, and also the participation of some technological works, which were represented in models of applications Technology, educational software, VR virtual reality applications through VR glasses, and animated films, which was inaugurated by Prof. Dr. Mahmoud El-Metini, President of the University.

He expressed his great admiration for the distinguished art exhibits and requested their use in decorating the halls and buildings of the university.

For his part, Prof. Dr. Osama El-Sayed Mustafa explained that the faculty's participation will double in the coming years because it is full of many innovative ideas in all qualitative disciplines of the faculty, whether at the level of undergraduate students or the level of graduate studies and scientific research.