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Faculty of Law examinations launched at Ain Shams University
Faculty of Law examinations launched at Ain Shams University

Prof. Dr. Abdel-Fattah Saud, Vice President of Ain Shams University for Education and Student Affairs, Prof. Dr. Nagy Abdel Momen, Dean of the Faculty of Law, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Safi, Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs, Ain Shams University, for the first semester examinations committees for the academic year 2020/2021, which began on Saturday morning, amidst strict precautionary measures to limit the spread of the Covid-19 virus, as well as facilitate the entry and exit of students of different teams.

Where Prof. Dr. Abdel-Fattah Saud, ensured the proper functioning of the examination process, as well as to stand on the preventive measures that have been taken by the university administration.

For his part, Dr. Nagy Abdel-Momen, Dean of the Faculty of Law at Ain Shams University revealed that the college's first semester exams began and ended on March 28, pointing out that all preparations for the exams were completed, including preparing halls and providing all means of ventilation, how much preparation was done by a medical team in anticipation of emergencies

Prof. Dr. Nagy Abdel-Moamen confirmed that the examination building is monitored by cameras, pointing out that students are alerted and warned against cheating, and that examination committees are monitored by cameras through a central room that monitors all committees.


It is worth noting that a number of prohibitions have been adopted within the examination committees, as follows:

It is forbidden to enter the committee with mobile phones or any communication devices, and violating this is an evidence of cheating and a breach of the exam system, it will not be allowed to enter the exam without wearing a mask, it will not be allowed to enter the examination committee without proof of identity, not to allow entry to the examination committee after fifteen minutes have passed from the start of the specified time for the appointment, as every student must review the seating numbers and divide the group for the timing of the exam performance, not to allow any books, notes or papers related to the exam to be entered, as well as to ban smoking in the committees absolutely.

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Safi, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Law for Education and Student Affairs indicated that the examinations were divided into 3 periods, starting at nine o'clock in the morning and ending at three thirty, and the duration of the committee is one and a half hours, and then the rest is an hour between each committee to sterilize and clean the committees, taking into account the precautionary measures and stressing wearing a masks, in addition to the readiness of security and civil defense personnel, ensuring the safety of alarms and fire extinguishers, and emphasizing that there is no crowding during entry and exit from the examination committees, as well as the preparedness of the college medical staff and providing them with first aid tools in the event that any suspicion of infection with the Coronavirus is discovered and necessary.

The precautionary measures were also taken into account during the delivery of the answer sheets to the control sheets by transporting them in sterile plastic boxes to prevent infection and protect students and faculty members.