August 22 … Beginning of the first stage of university admission coordination for the year 2020/2021

The Admission Coordination Office for Universities opens to high school students for the academic year 2020/2021 to register the wishes of first-stage students, starting from Saturday 8/22/2020 until Wednesday 26/8/2020, according to the minimum academic division of 400 degrees or more, or 97.60 for 30855 students  or more, and the Engineering Division 387 degrees or more, or 94.40% or more, for the number of 16665 students, while the Literary Division consists of a total of 327.5 degrees or more, or 79.90% or more, for the number of 102165, so that the total number of students in the first stage is 149685 students.

Admission to universities and institutes is coordinated through the Internet, "electronic coordination", through a free service available through the following website:

As the service will be operated by computer laboratories in Egyptian universities during the specified period for each stage of coordination, taking all the requirements and precautionary measures approved by the World Health Organization and the Egyptian Ministry of Health, and achieving the highest levels of social distancing to ensure the safety of everyone, as the laboratories available in universities open their doors to students as of It is nine o'clock in the morning until three in the afternoon during the school days, and students must adhere to wearing a medical mask (muzzle), as no student will be allowed to enter without wearing it and follow the instructions and procedures regulating the work of these laboratories.

The student can also apply via the personal computer or any computer connected to the network outside the universities, and the site will be available for 24 hours throughout the days of the stage, provided that the entry or amendment of desires ends at seven in the evening on the last day of the stage.

Through the electronic coordination service, it is facilitated for students and parents, instead of moving from one governorate to another to present papers, and it saves them the trouble of crowding and queues, and the student records his wishes himself and can review and print them in a way that reduces errors in data entry in addition to it allows the student to have the ability Modifying the desires for several times during the coordination period of the stage until the closing of the site in addition to it facilitating the student to identify and record desires in a simple and comfortable way, which prevents any errors, as the computer guides the student through the process of recording desires in an easy and simple way, besides it enables the student immediately after announcing the results of the different stages of obtaining the coordination result from the coordination website.

The electronic coordination site also provides a list of colleges and institutes that are accepted by different divisions, and the site also displays the minimum admission requirements for colleges in previous years, so that you can build an idea about the colleges suitable for your group, and the computer program alerts the student if he chooses one of the colleges outside the geographic range specified for him in The experience that the desire is inconsistent with the geographical distribution, and he must modify the desire and choose the correct desire to use the shares, and the system will not accept the wishes of the student until after all the desires (75 wishes) are fulfilled, and in the event of any inquiry about this service, you can call the number 19468.

In addition, about the steps that the student must follow to register through the electronic coordination website, they are:

• Go to the coordination website

• Enter your seat number and your password.

• Enter your wishes in the order you see it, with the necessity to observe the rules

  • From 2020-08-22 to 2020-08-22