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Scholarships for girls to study master's degrees in science, technology, and engineering in the United Kingdom

28 March 2023

Peoples Cultures Festival at Ain Shams University

7 February 2023

Announcement to apply for the ITAS Arab Youth Competition 2023

4 December 2022

The Scholarship Welfare Office announces the announcement of higher education regarding the opening of the door to apply for competitive scholarships from China for the year 2023/2024

2 December 2022

The ninth announcement of the Higher Education Initiative Program for Graduate Studies Scholarships for Professionals for the academic year 2022/2023

2 September 2022

Ain Shams University presents successful research models in major international universities and institutes

14 August 2022

An opinion poll on the proposals of the new five-year plan for Egyptian missions 2022-2027 to develop mechanisms and programs for scholarships

9 August 2022

Tomorrow…An introductory seminar to study a doctorate in experimental medicine at the University of Milan in Italy

2 August 2022

Schwarzman Scholarships for Young Students at Tsinghua University in China

27 July 2022