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Recommendations of the nineteenth annual conference of the Center for Adult Education at Ain Shams University
Recommendations of the nineteenth annual conference of the Center for Adult Education at Ain Shams University

The activities of the nineteenth annual conference of the Center for Adult Education at Ain Shams University, entitled "Artificial Intelligence and Adult Education in the Arab World", were concluded in cooperation with the Arab Organization for Education, Culture and Science and the General Authority for Adult Education, which was held during the period January 28/29, 2023.

Dr. Islam Al-Saeed, Director of the Center for Adult Education, explained that the conference came out with a set of recommendations:

- Establishing a clear strategy to integrate artificial intelligence into the programs of all ministries concerned with socialization, with the aim of building the capabilities of citizens and establishing their right to better education.

- Designing action plans to integrate artificial intelligence applications into adult education curricula and tracks in order to achieve mastery of language skills and take into account individual, environmental and cultural differences.

- Developing systems for preparing adult teachers in particular, and teachers in general, according to the skills of the future, in order to achieve digital empowerment and the effective employment of artificial intelligence.

- Developing training plans for workers in adult education sectors at all levels that qualify them to be able to apply and invest in artificial intelligence programs.

- Providing training and awareness paths for students and parents that effectively introduce them to platforms and applications and ways to benefit from and evaluate them.

- Reconsidering the structure of our Arab educational institutions to allow the introduction of artificial intelligence as a tool and a way to achieve the maximum return at the lowest cost.

- Formulation of quality standards for adult education programs in the light of artificial intelligence.

- Expanding the establishment of adult education institutes and faculties in the Arab world.

- Managing artificial intelligence challenges according to the philosophy of avoidance and risk reduction through forward-looking action plans.

- Emphasizing the support of artificial intelligence applications for hard and soft skills, in order to support the humanization of the learning process.

- A procedural definition of the concepts developed in the field of adult education and the standards and indicators for their measurement.

- Establishing an ethical value charter for working with these applications and adopting it as a marketing acceptance condition for the various applications of artificial intelligence, as each party determines the licensing frameworks for these programs in a manner that achieves credibility and transparency.

- Benefiting from artificial intelligence systems in the measurement and evaluation processes, while identifying alternatives that ensure taking into account individual differences, providing the infrastructure, and ensuring the learner's honesty in the responses announced in the programs.

- Interesting in integrating artificial intelligence as a source of enrichment activities and a facilitator of the learning process in all educational stages, especially the kindergarten stage.

- Activating the role of artificial intelligence to support people with special needs through fruitful partnerships to develop specific programs that help them face specific learning difficulties.