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Ain Shams University achieves significant progress in QS classification in scientific fields
Ain Shams University achieves significant progress in QS classification in scientific fields

Prof. Dr. Abdul wahab Ezzat, President of Ain Shams University, said that the results of the QS classification have brought good news to the University's employees. The University has made remarkable progress in many scientific fields. QS Stars, the year 2019 announced that Ain Shams University has achieved an advanced ranking in three of the five main areas of evaluation, namely: Medical Sciences, Engineering and Technology, and Natural Sciences.

For his part, Prof. Dr. Abdul Fattah Saud, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs and the General Supervisor of the University's Global Classification, added that QS is an institution that aims to classify the best 1000 universities around the world by applying several special criteria of academic reputation and the potential of the university to its students. As well as the number of scientific research and the international scientific dissemination rates of the university. The supervisors of this classification monitor the performance of universities annually to verify the seriousness of the university in updating its indicators and the efficiency of the educational institution to be included in the YEM Corporation.

His Excellency stressed that the current results of the classification are not coincidental, but rather the fruits of the work of the International Classification Bureau and its team led by Dr. Rania Salah El-Din, Director of the Office, to periodically follow the requirements of various classifications and update the required data on an ongoing basis.

For his part, Prof. Dr. Abdul Nasser Sengab, vice president for graduate studies and research, said that the university administration gives the international classification file great importance in recent times to promote the international evaluation of the university as the oldest Egyptian and Arab university. In this context, the university has held many partnerships and cooperation agreements with and has developed new study programs to cope with the rapid scientific development and meet the requirements of the labor market.

He also stressed that the sector of graduate studies and research pays great attention to the development of the international scientific publishing system at the university, where the sector is keen to hold several training courses and workshops in cooperation with the Egyptian Knowledge Bank on a continuous basis for faculty members and their assistants. Scientific journals existing at the university and included in the rules of global publishing.

Prof. Dr. Rania Salah Eldin, Director of the International Classification Office at the University, explained that the classification of QS for the scientific fields showed that the university has advanced positions in several fields:

  • Field of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Rank 201-250)
  • Field of Engineering Technology (Rank 401-450)
  • Mechanical Engineering, Aviation and Manufacturing (Rank 351-400
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Rank 301-350)
  • Life Sciences and Medicine (Rank 401-450)
  • Field of Agricultural Sciences (Rank 251-300)
  • Field of Biological Sciences (Rank 451-500 Center)
  • Field of Medical Sciences (Rank 300-350 Center)
  • Field of Computer Science and Information Systems (Rank 401-450)
  • Chemistry (Rank 451-500)
  • Field of Physics and Astronomy (Rank 501-550)

Dr. Ahmed Al Banna, Deputy Director of the International Classification Bureau, added that the office staff is holding periodic meetings to follow up the permanent developments in evaluation criteria for the various classifications and analyze them to determine their appropriateness for available data about the university and its colleges and institutes. Provide the required data to be available to the staff to be sent to the rating officers at any time.