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Tomorrow... The 10th International Gastrointestinal, Liver and Uro-Oncology conference
Tomorrow... The 10th International Gastrointestinal, Liver and Uro-Oncology conference

Under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Prof. Dr. Hala Zayed, Minister of Health and Population, Prof. Dr. Mahmoud El-Metini, President of Ain Shams University, Prof. Dr. Ashraf Omar, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University and Chairman of the University Hospitals Board of Directors, Ain Shams University, in cooperation with the International Society of Oncology, is organizing The 10th International Gastrointestinal, Liver and Uro-Oncology conference from 15-16 July

Prof. Dr. Hisham Al-Ghazali, Professor of Oncology, Head of the Research Center at Faculty of Medicine and President of the International Society of Oncology, said that this year’s conference will discuss more than 200 scientific papers in 10 different axes, including oncology treatment and surgery, urological tumours surgeries, radiology, radiotherapy, scientific research, and artificial intelligence.

It also contains more than 10 workshops for surgery, interventional radiology and tissue culture in cooperation with Ain Shams Medical Research Centre and Ain Shams University.

Dr. Hisham Al-Ghazali indicated that for the first time this year, the use of artificial intelligence and the provision of accurate information will be discussed, which leads to the development of new insights that go beyond the capabilities of the eye and the human mind in pathological diagnosis, and a broader definition of the treatment plan, which leads to better results at a lower cost

This year’s conference will also unveil 5 new drugs to treat liver, prostate, bladder and breast tumours using detailed and immunotherapy.


Dr. Osama Hetah, Professor of Interventional Radiology, Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams, said that the interventional radiology and its pivotal and essential role in treating liver, digestive and urinary tract tumours will be discussed using many techniques such as radiofrequency cautery and microwave cautery.

For his part, Dr. Tarek Othman, Professor of Urology, Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University, said that this year’s conference discusses on a large scale the early detection of prostate and bladder tumors after recent developments in this field and in the presence of 30 specialized international experts.

Dr. Waheed Yousry, Professor of Oncology Surgery at the National Cancer Institute, added that the conference will also discuss pancreatic, peritoneal, colorectal, and new tumours in their treatment.

The second part of the conference will also include lectures and a training course on proton tumours resulting from the stomach and a group of rare tumours. The Egyptian experience in this field for 12 years on ovarian, colon, uterine, soft tissue and some other rare types of cancer that have been treated over the years will also be presented. The years

The third part of the conference will focus on the treatment of colorectal tumors, laparoscopic and robotic surgeries, and their use in treating these tumors using modern methods through natural openings for local resection of colon cancer.

It is worth noting that the 10th International Gastrointestinal, Liver and Uro-Oncology Conference will be one of the largest attending oncology conferences this year, as it will witness participation through video conference technology from more than 60 countries around the world, as 10 international societies are participating in the conference, in addition to 100 scientists. Foreign and regional, led by the world’s largest pancreatic surgeon, Farkus Buchler, professor of pancreatic tumor surgery at the University of Bielberg in Germany, Professor Heinz, professor of radiotherapy in the world, and Terry Duber, professor of interventional radiology at the Russian University of Stavanger in France.