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The Employability and Career Development Center (ECDC) is the official Career Center at Ain Shams University (ASU). We aim at providing ASU students and graduates with the right tools for career planning and successful employment through; an array of career advising services and employability skills programs to support students’ personal and career development, as well as meet employers'​ hiring needs. In addition, we build corporate partnerships and liaise with companies to avail experiential and career opportunities for ASU students and graduates, and help employers reach and attract the right talent.

We’ll be by your side every step of the way till you reach your dream job. There are lots of services that you can benefit from when reaching to us, which are all offered for FREE.To book any of our services, please Click on this link

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Career Guidance:

  1. 1- Career Coaching:A one on one session to help you reach your greatest potential and make better choices in your professional life through self-discovery, identifying and studying career options and making educated career decisions.

  2. 2- Career Planning Workshop: A three day workshop that helps you in making a career choice and to achieve a rewarding career through: increasing self-awareness, guiding career exploration and developing a career strategy.

  3. 3- Career Day: A one day workshop that covers 3 areas; how to write your resume/CV, interviewing techniques, and job search strategies.

  4. 4- Resume Critique: A one-on-one session to revise your resume & make it professional, to get the employer call you for an interview.

  5. 5- Mock Interview: A one to one service to help you ace that interview, where you will practice your interview techniques with one of ECDC staff before the real one!

  6. 6- Motivational/Cover Letter Critique: A one-on-one appointment, to revise your motivational/cover letter if you are applying for a job, working on your master's degree or scholarship application.

  7. 7- Presentation Simulation: Prepare a presentation about any topic & we will share with you feedback to help you ACE your graduation project presentation or your presentation for a job interview.

Skills Development:

  1. 1- Employability Skills Training (EST): A 4-day intensive program, using experiential learning techniques, where you will discover who you are, and get to apply skills like leadership, teamwork, communication, change management and presentation skills, and ends with a career day.

  2. 2- Business Skills Training: A number of short workshops conducted separately, with the aim to enhance students’ skills in the workplace including: Email Writing, Business Ethics, office Etiquette, etc.

  3. 3- Technical Sessions: Interactive sessions conducted by our corporate partners on different topics to enhance student's technical knowledge and skills.

Career Opportunities:

  1. 1- ASU Career Portal:

    • We offer jobs, internships, visits, job shadowing and workshops posted by our corporate partners on our career portal. You can browse the steps of creating an account and registration in details from the following link.: https://goo.gl/HqJdpB, or from this video: https://goo.gl/rl4jKq

  2. 2- ASU Annual Employment Fair:

    • The employment fair takes place in the spring (March-April) of each year, targeting all ASU students & graduates and hosting companies from different industries, interested in hiring from ASU across various fields.

Job opportunities for Ain Shams University graduates:

A graduate of Ain Shams University and still looking for a suitable job opportunity

The President of the University opens the activities of the Employment Fair with the participation of more than 55 local and international companies and banks