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The Education and Student Sector Board at Ain Shams University announces the start of a new E-learning management system
The Education and Student Sector Board at Ain Shams University announces the start of a new E-learning management system

The Education and Student Affairs Sector Board at Ain Shams University, headed by Prof. Dr. Abdel Fattah Saoud, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, and the membership of faculty vice deans for education, students, and scientific institutions from the members from abroad, during its session held with video conference, announced the launch of the official platform for the new e-learning management system ASU2Learn, which is a qualitative leap in e-learning provided by the Education and Student Affairs Sector - Ain Shams University and the University’s Education Development Department for its students as an integrated system based on the best e-learning applications in the world according to Gartner classification.

Prof. Dr. Mona Abdel Aal, Director of Education Development Department, reviewed the new e-learning platform ASU2LEARN, which serves more than 200 thousand students in more than 15 faculties and contains more than 100 thousand courses in various fields, and is characterized by an easy and simple user interface that all students and faculty members can use easily. And pleased.

Knowing that technical specifications have been added that enrich the educational process, such as virtual classes, the virtual microscope platform, the electronic achievement file, the latest interactive activities tools, the application of measurement of quotation rates, standardized reports and statistics, important news and events, the mobile application in addition to the continuous technical support system and the platform Training in the latest learning methods and methods.

All this with the aim of providing a useful and enjoyable learning experience for students through the E-learning platform of Ain Shams University, ASU2LEARN.

The Board had begun its session by congratulating Professor Dr. Mustafa Refaat on the occasion of the appointment of his Excellency as Vice-Dean for the College of Engineering for Education and Student Affairs, Ain Shams University, with the Board’s wishes for continued success and payment as a distinct addition to the esteemed Board’s family.

He also extended his sincere thanks and appreciation to Prof. Dr. Tamer Mohamed Abdel Fattah El-Nady, former representative, in view of his efforts to develop and revitalize the sector and the keenness to perform the work to the fullest extent befitting the position of the Faculty of Engineering and the University.


The Board praised the distinguished production of the students of the Faculty of Specific Education at the decorative design exhibition, with guidance to support students and provide all their needs of technical tools in support of their efforts, as well as the necessity of cooperation with the Supreme Board of Culture in various fields to enrich the various activities directed to our students.

The Board thanked the team organizing the university’s participation in the EDU GATE exhibition for the appearance of the university in an honorable and decent manner in line with its prestigious academic position and the strengthening of its positive mental image among all target groups of students. Prof. Dr. Mona Abdel Aal (Director of Education Development Department) and Prof. Dr. Reham Al-Atifi (Director General of the General Administration for Education and Student Affairs) praised the constructive cooperation at the exhibition with the International Relations and Academic Cooperation Sector headed by Prof. Dr. Shahera Samir (Executive Director of the Sector)

During the session, the mechanisms for the participation of the education sector and students in the scientific university conference entitled (Fourth Generation Universities) scheduled to be held on April 6, 2021, were reviewed in several axes represented in (the vision about the innovation and entrepreneurship system - simulation models for the medical sector and another on the transformation paths for fourth generation universities) - Paths of innovation in the sectors of medical, human and engineering sciences ...), in addition to reviewing the results of some important scientific research and innovative projects with advanced centers prepared by our distinguished children, in addition to the distinguished artistic product of our students with distinguished talents in the fields of photography, ceramics, design and others.


The Board also praised the precautionary measures and measures applied in colleges during the examination period to prevent the Coronavirus, in order to preserve the safety of all students, faculty members and workers, reviewing the recommendations contained in this regard by Mr. Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research in light of the directives of the Board of Ministers.

The Board also praised the efforts of the Faculty of Law in the mechanisms taken to prevent fraud, and in this context the Board commended the efforts of the Ain Shams Law Faculty team participating in the regional competition for Egyptian trials organized by Oxford University who qualified for the ninth consecutive time since the start of participation in the competition in 2013 until now, thanks to the college administration and the academic team supervising the students for their interest and support for our students, to produce a supervisor generation capable of international representation, and the Board has provided certificates of appreciation to the participating team.

The session ended with a review of the achievements of the education and student affairs sector, especially in the field of nutritional quality services provided to university students through the Food Safety and Health Committee, in order to ensure the health of its students, as well as ways to benefit from the cooperation protocol between Ain Shams University and the National Service Projects Agency represented by the National Production Company Animal.