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A large research team of Ain Shams University to face Corona
A large research team of Ain Shams University to face Corona

Prof. Dr. Mahmoud El-Metini, President of Ain Shams University, stated that since the beginning of the Corona Virus crisis, the university has worked to form a large research team from the Faculty of Medicine, Pharmacy, Science and Engineering to speed the manufacture of artificial respirators and everything related to that. As for drug treatments, research has been conducted on two treatments used to treat other diseases Try it out to treat Covid-19 virus.

El-Metini indicated that 7 studies from the Research Ethics Committee at the Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University, were approved last Saturday, one of them related to the drug for treating the Corona virus in an attempt to treat patients whose condition has reached a critical stage.

There was also another research on one of the treatments related to patients with tuberculosis and its effectiveness for treating corona.

Prof. Dr.Mahmoud El-Metini also added that there is an important research aiming to establish a survey on all medical teams at Ain Shams University and urges to establish a survey on all medical teams in Egypt and the extent of the presence of antibodies in their bodies to counter this virus, as an important and preventive factor for those dealing with patients with HIV, all these ideas on researchers and scientists from Ain Shams University

El-Metini indicated that there is a lot of clinical research going on at Ain Shams University on patients with Corona virus, which is a multi-stage research that is being done to try some drugs that treat some other diseases to treat corona.

Al-Matini added that clinical research also aims to make diagnostic operations correctly on a group of patients with a disease and the safety of different treatment methods.

He also confirmed that he and colleagues in other universities in Egypt and in the world hope for a treatment out of the Corona virus within approximately 6 months.

In addition, he thanked the political leadership for its interest in scientific research, education and the health system in an unprecedented way, and this is a strong defense wall to face crises like the world is suffering now.