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About the Social Solidarity Fund:

This fund was established to help students who are not able to complete the university education stages so that they can face the process of working life and to establish a good citizen who serves the country. more information 

Accoumandation @ ASU

Ain Shams University provides a number of campuses to serve as university cities in order to host foreign students and students who live in remote governorates, but the university sets several conditions that must be met for the student to join the university city. University Cities provide various services to students, from housing, to food services, health and psychological care, to recreational services, allowing the provision of a suitable environment for study. The university works every year to maintain university Cities and raise the level of services provided in them in line with the needs and requirements of students. more information 

The Community Service and Environmental Development Sector at Ain Shams University is concerned with the national issue of literacy, as a specialized center was established for this purpose under the title of the Adult Education Center, which is concerned with eradicating citizen illiteracy in the neighborhoods surrounding the university, and concluding agreements and protocols with the Ministry of Education and the National Authority for Adult Education more information