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Central Social Solidarity Department

17580 2024-01-15

About the Social Solidarity Fund:

This fund was established to help students who are not able to complete the university education stages so that they can face the process of working life and to establish a good citizen who serves the country.

The Fund's services are as follows:

  1. Contribute to the payment of tuition fees (enrollment - regularity).
  2. Exempting blind students and blind children from tuition fees.
  3. Contribute to the purchase of medical devices.
  4. Contribute to the death of the student natural death God forbid (funeral expenses).
  5. Contribute to the death of the student as a result of an accident, God forbid.
  6. Presenting Ramadan bag for needy students.
  7. Celebrating the orphan day and distributing cash to students.
  8. Contribute to the scientific tools of practical faculties.

First: - Required documents to obtain the service of reducing tuition fees: -

  • A letter from the youth welfare unit of the faculty to the student to do social research in the social unit of the student housing according to the national ID card)
  • Obtain a form from the youth welfare unit of the faculty and sign it from the affairs of students and youth welfare.
  • Family income.
  • Authorization to pay expenses.
  • Copy of student card.

Second: - Required papers in purchasing prosthetic devices:

This is done through the General Administration of Medical Control (Abdo Pasha Student Hospital), after the medical examination of the student and determine the type of compensatory device required with the submission of offers (3) prices take the lowest price from the Department of Procurement Medical Control.

(Present Social research - family income + medical report and quotations received from medical surveillance and medical monitoring contributes half of the cost of the device and the Takaful Fund contributes in the remaining half to the student depending on the social status of each case).

Third: - Required papers in case of natural death (funeral expenses): -

  1. The Central Solidarity Fund contributes 2,000 pounds to help the family with funeral expenses.
  2. After bringing a copy of the death certificate of the student + copy of the burial permit + social research for the family + family income).
  3. With the stamp of the Takaful Fund form of the student affairs at the faculty where the student was enrolled.

Fourth: Required papers in case of accident insurance (accidental death):

  1. A true copy of the police report.
  2. Original death certificate.
  3. Original inheritance notification of the deceased student.
  4. A statement from the faculty that the student paid the tuition fees.
  5. Copy of the national ID card.
  6. It is supported by 15,000 LE distributed according to the prescribed rates of inheritance notification.