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The Community Service and Environmental Development Sector at Ain Shams University is concerned with the national issue of literacy, as a specialized center was established for this purpose under the title of the Adult Education Center, which is concerned with eradicating citizen illiteracy in the neighborhoods surrounding the university, and concluding agreements and protocols with the Ministry of Education and the National Authority for Adult Education

Within the framework of the various fields of adult education, the center includes the following units:

Literacy Unit:

It organizes adult literacy classes inside the university and the surrounding environment in cooperation with the General Authority for Literacy and Adult Education.

General Education Continuation Unit:

It aims to open classes at the intermediate and general secondary education levels for those with a literacy certificate to support the idea of continuing education.

Life Skills Unit:

Life skills programs are provided, whether it is mental skills such as: problem solving, decision-making, and the practice of critical / creative thinking, or practical skills such as: making furniture, textiles, preparing clothes, food, and first aid, etc.

Computer Unit:

Prepare a database and information about institutions working in adult education.

Provide the opportunity for illiterate people to learn by means of the computer in order to shorten the period of time prescribed to eradicate their illiteracy.

Prepare training courses for computer applications for those wishing to do so to develop their scientific capabilities.

Training unit:

It plans, prepares and organizes training and qualification courses for workers in the field of adult education.

Research and Conference Unit:

Issuing a magazine specialized in adult education.

Prepare seminars, workshops, and seminars on adult education.

Prepare an annual adult education conference in which specialists at the local, regional and international levels participate

Achievements of Ain Shams University Adult Education Center in the field of illiteracy eradication from 2017 to April 2020

First: conferences

The Center for Adult Education at Ain Shams University holds an annual Arab conference in April of each year, which is a scientific forum and a forum rich in ideas and theoretical frameworks, as well as the experiences of countries in the field of adult education, with the aim of diagnosing and analyzing adult education problems and issues, as well as exchanging experiences and developing future visions to improve efforts Made in the field. The following are the details of the conferences held by the center:

conferences held by the center:

Second: National Projects


Third: Seminars


Fourth: Development Convoys

Development convoys aim to reach all services to the neediest areas, and are considered an effective development work in empowering marginalized and disadvantaged groups. By providing various educational, medical and developmental services, the Adult Education Center at Ain Shams University participated in all the convoys organized by the Community Service and Environmental Development Sector at Ain Shams University. The following is a statement of the development convoys in which the center participated:

he following is a statement of the adult teacher preparation courses organized by the center for Ain Shams University students from 2017 until now