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Consultants Department

Competences: -

* Take the necessary measures to contact the consultants that the administration considers seeking their help.

* Cooperating with the responsible authorities at the university in preparing the necessary plans to set the general policy for the university, and collecting the opinions of advisors for the development of the environment and community service.

* Prepare the consultants' reports on identifying the elements of the initial considerations, as a basis for studying the various desires, needs and proposals when drawing up policies and submitting them to the relevant councils.

* Prepare the decisions and instructions necessary for the implementation of plans and programs and providing the necessary clarifications and changes regarding them, as well as preparing the organized instructions in order to achieve the proper implementation of the established plans.

* Collect information and data that consultants refer to regarding planning, policy-making, and methods presented by them with regard to community development and the environment.

* Prepare summaries of the opinions of the advisors in the follow-up reports on the activities of special units and centers, and submitting them to the competent committees.

* Take over the affairs of contacting the advisors, follow up the disbursement of their dues, and organize their meetings in the relevant councils.