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The President of Ain Shams University opens the Student Families Festival
The President of Ain Shams University opens the Student Families Festival

This morning, Prof. Mohamed Diaa Zain El-Abedeen, President of the University, inaugurated the Student Families Festival for the academic year 2023-2024, where he witnessed the flag salute and gave the start signal, marking the launch of the festival’s activities, in the presence of Prof. Ghada Farouk, Vice President of the University for Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs, and Prof. Muhammad Safi, Dean of the Faculty of Law.


A column of flag bearers from the faculties and university scout clans roamed the main campus of the university while playing drums.

During his speech, the President of Ain Shams University urged students to participate in all activities and events of the festival and to enjoy and compete with the spirit of sportsmanship and fair competition, stressing the university’s full support for all student activities, which create a spirit of cooperation and competition at the same time, which has a great impact on the formation of the university student’s personality. The festival includes many sporting, artistic and cultural activities.

Sports competitions are held in football, five-a-side, arm-wrestling, basketball, handball, volleyball, table tennis, chess, running, and billiards in various stadiums of the university colleges. In artistic activity, competitions are held in singing, artistic sketches, and plastic arts. In cultural activity, competitions are held in memorizing the Holy Qur’an, the Cup of Knowledge, and poetry recitation, and the events continue. The festival will take place over five consecutive days, under the administrative supervision of Mr. Ibrahim Saeed Hamza, Assistant Secretary of the University for Education and Student Affairs, under the executive supervision of Mr. Tariq Ahmed, Acting Director General of the General Administration of Youth Welfare, and Mrs. Mehitab Magdy, Acting Director of the Student Unions and Families Department, with the participation of the roaming committee in the parade queue, the student Maryam Khaled, President of the University Student Union, and the student Ahmed Ramadan, Secretary of the Senior Student Families Committee of the Ain Shams University Student Union.