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The Civilization Museum receives a delegation of Ain Shams University students to witness the great history of Egypt
The Civilization Museum receives a delegation of Ain Shams University students to witness the great history of Egypt

The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in Fustat received a delegation of Ain Shams University students, this came as a continuation of the "See by Yourself" campaign launched by the armed forces to introduce Egyptian university students to giant development projects.

The visit was organized by the Command of the Popular and Military Defense Forces, led by Major General Walid Hamed Al Hamaki, Commander of the Forces, in cooperation with Ain Shams University, headed and sponsored by Prof. Mahmoud El-Meteini, President of the University and Prof. Abdel Fattah Saoud, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, under the supervision of Colonel Staff Officer. Hamad Fahmy, Director of the Military Education Department at Ain Shams University.


The visit comes within the framework of the keenness of the education sector and students headed by Prof. Al-Fattah Saoud to raise tourism and archaeological awareness among university students and communicate with them to introduce them to their cultural heritage, and work to make their visit a success in a way that achieves the university's goal of visiting the museum as a cultural beacon.

Prof. Abdel Fattah Saoud indicated that he was keen on making the university students visit to introduce the greatness and uniqueness of the Egyptian civilization that extends throughout the ages, which was evident in the ability of the current generation to transform an area that was characterized by randomness and ugliness into an area with an important cultural and archaeological landmark, through its exhibits that express on the three monotheistic religions, Islam, Christianity and Judaism, which reflects a history of tolerance that characterized Egypt throughout the ages and continues to radiate its light until now.


The tour included the various halls of the museum, from the central exhibition halls to the Royal Mummies Hall and the Egyptian Textile Hall, where he gave them a detailed explanation of the museum, the history of its establishment, and the unique archaeological holdings that tell the history of Egyptian civilization throughout the ages.

During their tour, the students expressed their fascination with the royal mummies and the artifacts displayed in the museum, which express aspects of the ancient Egyptian civilization throughout the different historical eras. They also expressed their admiration for the wonderful location of the museum, which is embraced by Mount Mokattam and Lake Ain al-Sira, and the great historical, cultural and archaeological monuments such as Salah al-Din Castle, the Mosque of Muhammad Ali, the mosque and mausoleum of Imam al-Shafi’i, the Mosque of Amr ibn al-Aas, and the ruins of the city of Fustat, the first capital of Islamic Egypt.


They also praised the museum's equipment for visitors in the elegant display of royal mummies, which indicates the greatness of the ancient Egyptians in inventing mummification and more recently in equipping such a museum.

At the end of their visits, the students were keen to take a group of memorial photos to commemorate these visits.

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