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The launch of the activities of the International Conference of the Department of English in its fourth edition at the Faculty of Al-Alsun
The launch of the activities of the International Conference of the Department of English in its fourth edition at the Faculty of Al-Alsun

Prof. Salwa Rashad, Dean of the Faculty of Al-Alsun, at Ain Shams University, inaugurated the activities of the opening session of the International Conference of the English Language Department during its fourth edition, entitled "Qualitative Transitions in Literature, Language and Translation", in the presence of Prof. Ahmed Seddik, Head of the English Department, Prof. Fadwa Kamal Abdel Rahman, President of the Conference, Dr. Albrecht Claassen of the University of Arizona, Dr. Franz Buschacker, from the University of Vienna, Austria, Dr. Feroza Goswala, and Dr. Doaa Omran from the University of New Mexico, Dr. Bill Brown of the University of Chicago, and Dr. Klassen of the University of Arizona.

In addition to many participating professors from Egyptian and Arab universities, and a group of faculty staff and teaching assistants, the conference will be held over three days, March 19-21.


During her speech, Prof. Salwa Rashad, Dean of the Faculty, confirmed that the conference activities came in line with recent research trends that call for blurring the boundaries between literature, language, and translation on the one hand, and all human, natural, and technological sciences on the other hand, in pursuit of their integration.

She continued her speech, referring to the pioneering role played by the Faculty since its inception; At the hands of the pioneer of the Egyptian renaissance, Rafi’ al-Tahtawi in 1835, and the qualitative shift that he brought about through the establishment of the School of Al-Alsun, the translation movement, and directing the march in the direction of scientific thinking in modern Egypt.

During his speech, Prof. Ahmed Siddig, Head of the English Language Department, expressed his happiness at the return of the International Section conference to be held face-to-face after a five-year hiatus due to the Corona pandemic, noting that this increases opportunities for interaction and exchange of experiences between the participants and the attendees.


He pointed out the importance of holding these academic meetings, which are a great opportunity for researchers and students to learn about the latest topics in their specializations, exchange views with researchers from around the world, and explore new horizons for research, which enrich research activities and pushes progress forward.

Prof. Fadwa Kamal discussed the need at the present time to expand the perspective of researchers to include changing patterns, as happened in many cases among some Arab scholars such as Jabir bin Hayyan, who combined astronomy, medicine, pharmacy, logic, and grammar.