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The Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University receives the Children's University
The Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University receives the Children's University

The Faculty of Engineering headed by Prof. Omar Al-Husseini, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Prof. Ahmed Al-Sabbagh, Vice Dean of Environmental Affairs and Community Service, received students from the University of Children, in coordination with Prof. Ali Nabih Al-Bahrawi, Professor at the Irrigation and Hydraulics Department, and Prof. Adel Badawi Al Shabasi, Professor at the Department of Production Engineering, under the supervision of Prof. Noha Al-Rafei, Deputy Director of the Grants and Projects Department and Coordinator of the Children's University at Ain Shams University. The activities of the Children's University will be held from January 28 to February 11, 2023 and include (80 children), as it started in the program building with an introductory presentation about the faculty and an interactive lecture on national projects and a lecture about industrial security panels, their colors, and their meaning. Then the children were divided into four groups, each group includes 20 children, to be divided and exchanged for workshops and laboratories in the faculty, which included:

1- Le Pen workshop, CNC machines, supervised by Prof. Adel Mohamed Mounib and Eng/ Hamdy Osama

Numerical control machines, their types, and their importance in our lives were identified and how they are controlled

2- Egypt's Center of Excellence for Solid Waste Management, supervision by Prof. Sherine Al-Ajroudi and Eng/ Noha, and a simple introduction was presented to the children about solid waste, types of waste, and methods of separating and recycling them.

3- Renewable Energy Lab, supervised by Prof. Waleed Al-Khattam, introducing the students to the meaning of energy, presenting the methods of generating electrical energy, and knowing the difference between conventional and renewable energy through an explanation of the devices in Le Pen’s Porsche.

4- Racing cars, supervised by Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Abdel Aziz and students: Ahmed Atef, Ahmed Al-Rai, Mohamed Sayed


Then the children in the program building received a lecture about the Egyptian standard specifications and their application to some of the packaging of the food products that the children brought with them.

A number of students from the Faculty of Engineering contributed to coordinating the day's activities, their names: Faris Salim, Sarah Mahmoud, Maryam Mohi El-Din, Ahmed Abdel-Samie Mohamed, Huda Al-Qadi, and Noran Al-Husseini.

The day concluded with a group photo of the children with the Dean of the Faculty, professors, coordinators, students, and the grants and projects management team.

In order to ensure the safety of the children and follow up on the implementation of the program, and to facilitate any difficulties facing the faculty coordinators, the grants and projects management team and a team from the Faculty of Engineering received the children in the Hilal Amphitheater in the Faculty of Science and took them to and from the Faculty of Engineering and stayed with them throughout the day's activities.