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University Research Board

17890 2023-09-20

As the university believes that its cadres and its human, material and logistical capabilities qualify it to achieve advanced arrangements within the best universities in various international classifications, in this context, Ain Shams University has included these scholars to the Ain Shams University Research Board, where the university places the advancement of the international classification within its strategic priorities on which all sectors work to create an appropriate research environment that stimulates the university community and researchers, which would make the university distinctively visible in the various international classifications

Within the framework of the university's graduate studies and research sector efforts to advance the university’s system of graduate studies and scientific research, achieve a qualitative leap in scientific and research productivity, and create distinguished cadres that would help the university improve the international classification and keep pace with the rapid scientific, research and technological developments that the world is now witnessing.

In light of the recent announcement by the university administration about the activation of the "Research Board" of Ain Shams University, and the honored university scientists included in the list of the best 2% of world scientists, to serve as the backbone of the board.

About Research Board

It is a central entity that includes a group of the finest scientific minds of Ain Shams University, and this board provides all the support that Ain Shams University needs in the field of scientific research in all its forms, including proposals, plans and studies to upgrade the scientific research system, and thus the international classification of the university and research outputs that serve the goals of the state and the needs of society.

Why do we need a research council at Ain Shams University?
Societies in the era of the terrifying industrial revolution that are obscured by digitization on the knowledge economy and on the knowledge factor.
Just as Ain Shams University aims to be a fourth-generation university, and what that means is the importance of participating and interacting strongly with the community, influencing and influencing, and solving problems.
Whereas the optimal investment of the human and material resources of Ain Shams University is one of the most important factors in reaching the university's strategic goals as soon as possible.
The existence of a forum that includes a group of the best scientific minds is an excellent scientific option for the university to achieve its goals.

Role / Responsibilities / Competences:
It defines the university's strategic research plan that keeps pace with the rapid developments that are shaping the world in the present and the future, and supports the Egyptian state to reach its strategic goals.
Determines the necessary actions to implement the research plan.
Establish key performance indicators for this research plan.
Participates in providing and directing the human and financial resources to implement the plan.
Study and evaluate the problems or proposals presented to it related to scientific research.

The research board meets at the university every three months or upon the request of its president, and its decisions are approved by the Board of Graduate Studies and the University Board, and then sent to all departments to match its outputs.

The board has the right to seek the assistance of any faculty and experienced members of industry and commerce and those involved in scientific research in various bodies.

The steering committee is chosen from the vice-presidents of the concerned Facultys, the director of the Center for Innovation, Innovation and Entrepreneurship and some of the scientists mentioned previously in Clause No. (4), and it meets every month to follow up on the research plan and any topics related to scientific research, and prepare them to be presented to the entire Research Board.

Submit reports to Mr. Prof. / President of the University every 6 months (twice annually), (January and June) of each year with all outputs, achievements and activities of the Council by Prof. / Vice President for Postgraduate Studies and Research and Prof. / Head of the International Cooperation Sector.

Mr. Prof. / Vice President for Postgraduate Studies and Research                       "President"
The Vice-Presidents of the University's Faculties and Institutes for Postgraduate Studies and Research  "In their capacity"
Mr. Prof. / Executive Director of the International Relations and Academic Cooperation Sector at the University.
The honored university scholars are among the top 2% of the world's scientists, and they are as follows:

Faculty of Medicine



Ashraf Fawzy Ibrahim Mohamed Nabhan

Professor, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Ali Mohamed Zaky Ali El Said

Professor Emeritus, Department of Microbiology

Faculty of Engineering



Hany Mohamed Hasanien Mohamed

Professor, Department of Electrical Power and Machinery Engineering


Faculty of Science



Mohamed Said Attia Moustafa

Professor, Department of Chemistry

Hamdy Hassanien Hassan Saleh

Professor, Department of Chemistry

Sayed Thabt Abdel Rehem

Professor Emeritus, Department of Chemistry

Mohamed Abdel Hay Ismail

Professor, Department of Chemistry

Mohamed Abd El-Hameed Ameen

Professor, Department of Chemistry

Adel Mohamed Mahmoud Awad

Professor, Department of Physics

El Sayed Ahmed Abd El Rahman Eid El Dahshan

Assistant Professor, Department of Physics

Saad El Sayed Mohamed Hassan

Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry

Mohamed Magdy Fahim Ahmed Mansour

Professor, Department of Botany

Abdallah Samy

Instructor in the Department of Insects


Faculty of Pharmacy



Abdel Nasser Badawi Singab

Emeritus Professor, Department of Pharmacognosy

Khaled Abouzid Mohamed Abouzid

Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Ebtehal El-Demerdash Zaki Morsi

Professor and Head of Drugs and Toxicology Department

Osama Ahmed Mohamed Ali

Professor, Department of Clinical Pharmacy

Rania Mohammed Hafez Mohammed Hathout

Professor, Department of Pharmaceutics and Clinical Pharmacy

Ahmed Hamed Ahmed Amin Salem

Assistant Professor, Department of Clinical Pharmacy

Maha Nasr Sayed Ali

Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmaceutics and Clinical Pharmacy


Faculty of Education



Mahmoud Mohamed Mohamed ELNahhas

Professor Emeritus, Department of Physics

Mona Ali Mohammed Seif

Professor, Department of Chemistry

Magdy Shebl Saleh el-said

Professor, Department of Chemistry

Alaa El Din Abdel Halim Mohamed Farag

Professor, Department of Physics

Eman Zakaria Gomaa Elsayed

Professor, Department of Biological and Geological Sciences

Directors of the following research centers, units and departments at the university:
Prof. Dr. / Director of the University's Center of Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.
Prof. Dr. / Director of the Center of Educational Excellence, Faculty of Education.
Prof. Dr. / Director of the Center of Drug Discovery and Development, Faculty of Pharmacy.
Prof. Dr. / Director of the Research Center of the Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine.
Prof. Dr. / Director of the Center of Middle East Research and Future Studies at the University
Prof. Dr. / Director of the Center of Research, Studies and Training for Vector Diseases.
Prof. Dr. / Head of the Department of Clinical Genetics, Faculty of Medicine.
Prof. Dr. / Director of the Unit of Genetic Engineering and Agricultural Biotechnology, Faculty of Agriculture.
Prof. Dr. / Director of the Agricultural Experiments and Research Center, Faculty of Agriculture.
Prof. Dr. / Director of the Information Technology Consulting and Research Center, Faculty of Computers and Information.

The structure of the board is renewed every two years