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Ain Shams University Board visits the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Support Center prior to its official opening
Ain Shams University Board visits the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Support Center prior to its official opening

The Board of Ain Shams University, headed by Prof. Dr. Mahmoud El-Metini, Vice Presidents of the University, Deans, Deans of Faculties and a number of Board members from abroad, an inspection tour inside the University’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Support Center I hub, which is the first of its kind at the level of Egyptian universities, and its development and equipment has been completed under the supervision of the University’s Engineering Consultation Center This will be a qualitative leap within the university to keep pace with the fourth generation universities.


The center provides support for students and researchers to work on scientific research outputs to help convert them into marketable semi-industrial models.

The center and its students have succeeded in participating in many international competitions, achieving advanced positions in the world and have been honored by many parties.

The attendees toured the building, which consists of 4 floors, on an area of 8000 square meters, and includes the university's employment center headed by Prof. Dr. Ayman Farid, Center for Training and Development headed by Prof. Dr. Neven Asim.

Prof. Dr. Mahmoud El-Metini stressed the need to communicate effectively with students and adopt their ideas while providing the necessary support and communicating with partners from the industry in order to reach final products that can be traded in the market.

Prof. Dr. Abdel Fattah Saoud stressed the importance of the role of innovation and entrepreneurship as an essential element within the university system, which seeks to harness knowledge to serve development and the national economy, and participate in achieving strategic goals in various fields, noting that the Innovation Center is a pioneering step in the university’s plan.

Moreover, Prof. Dr. Ayman Saleh stressed the need for synergy and cooperation between all units related to innovation and entrepreneurship in the center.

Whereas Prof. Dr. Hesham Tamraz, pointed out the importance of expanding partnerships with community institutions in general to nurture students' ideas.

Prof. Dr. Diaa Khalil, General Supervisor of the Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and Prof. Dr. Muhammad Al-Buhairi, Director of the Center, presented a presentation of the Center's vision and mission, as well as the implementation plan for the university's faculties.