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“Keys to Ultimate Success” …A training course for students of the Faculty of Science
“Keys to Ultimate Success” …A training course for students of the Faculty of Science
Under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Mohamed Ragaa, Dean of the Faculty of Science, Ain Shams University, and the supervision of Prof. Dr. Iman Mohamed Abdel Azim, Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs, the office organized a training course for students of the Faculty of Science entitled “Keys of Success”, which lasted for two days with the aim of raising the students' intellectual and research efficiency and noting the importance of innovation in development and development.
During the two days, a group of distinguished faculty members who have great experience in the field of human development, scientific research and innovation explained many topics that aim to develop and prepare the student, with the attendance of more than 250 students, according to the precautionary measures followed. The first day program was attended by Dr. Islam Adly, who spoke about the methods of academic success and the vision of the fourth generation universities.
On the sideline of the course, Prof. Dr. Abdul Rahman, Professor in the Department of Biochemistry, dealt extensively with cv writing and scientific webbing on one hand, and the student, Maya Talal, Vice President of the student union and a graduate of 2020/2021 Class, Department of Biotechnology, spoke about how to develop the English language skill on the other hand.
Moreover, Dr. Ahmed Gamal, teaching assistant in Department of Geology, talked about the soft skills.
Dr. Islam Adly spoke about the entrepreneurship and its purposeful role in development.
The student, Mohamed El-Sayed Bunduk, the current president of the union, spoke about the union's important role in coordinating student activity and guiding students to the importance of developing themselves and preparing for the labor market.
Finally, Dr. Muhammad Gamal, a teacher of entomology, spoke about the scientific research with many paragraphs aimed at developing the student's skills, such as CV writing and presentation skills, in addition to the entertainment and encouragement performances in the presence of the choir and theater team.