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Faculty of Specific Education honors Microsoft amidst remarkable attendance ... Nursing students demand more workshops
Faculty of Specific Education honors Microsoft amidst remarkable attendance ... Nursing students demand more workshops

In the framework of the efforts of  Executive Director of Information Technology to provide free software for students of Ain Shams University, Microsoft held a series of workshops in Ain Shams University on the services provided by the company to the University. The workshops will be held under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Abdul Wahab Ezzat, President of the University, Dr. Mohammed Hassan Abdul Aziz, Executive Director of Information Technology, under the supervision of Mr. Samir Abdul Nasser, Secretary General of the University and First Deputy Minister.

Two halls in the faculties of Specific Education and Nursing have seen a significant presence and interaction with Microsoft's two workshops on Monday.

The first visit by the Microsoft team today to the Faculty of Specific Education, in which the Microsoft Technology Education Officer Ebeid Atef provided a detailed explanation of the services provided by the company to those who use the official e-mail of the University. He also explained the most important programs that students can take advantage of in different aspects of their studies free.

Ebeid pointed out the possibility of downloading the full version of Windows full of all programs free of charge by Microsoft using the email, in addition to get 5 copies of free of charge, in addition to many programs.

The students of the Department of Education Technology at the college had a great interest in the workshop and asked many questions about the services and programs provided by Microsoft and how to benefit from them, especially as they are closely related to their field of specialization and can greatly benefit them in their scientific studies and future work.

For his part, the Director of the Information Technology Unit, Faculty of Specific Education, Dr. Hani Shaker, said that the Microsoft workshop was very distinctive as Mr. Ebeid presented a distinguished presentation at the heart of the educational process.


He pointed out that although the workshop was not dedicated to students only, but to the faculty members also who attended the workshop for their interest in services provided by Microsoft.

Shaker pointed out that the Faculty of Specific Education, with the support and encouragement of the Dean of the Faculty Prof. Dr. Amani Hanafi, has made great strides in using the official email, as all faculty members use it on a daily basis, while students of the second, third and fourth years use it very much. For the first stage students, are preparing to activate the official email for all students in the coming days.

Shaker explained that the interaction of students with Ebeid was very clear, and showed a great indication of their interest and interest in services and new programs that they can benefit from using official email.

He called for more similar workshops at the faculty to increase students' access to Microsoft programs, especially that the company's services will benefit them in their field of study and future fields of work.

For her part, Prof. Dr. Amani Hanafi praised the presentation of Eng. Ebeid Atef and presented him with a shield honoring his efforts and his continuous communication with the College to provide possible services and answer ongoing queries. Mohamed Hassan Abdel Aziz and the workshop-based team for their importance and great value.

The President of the Student Union in the Faculty of Specific Education Ibrahim Hassan called for the need to organize more workshops, noting that the large attendance came after informing the students through the Federation of the workshop, pointing out that show the extent of interest in students of the advantages offered by Microsoft to students.

He explained that the official email activated since 3 years of the faculty provides them with a lot of time and effort, in addition to the other services obtained by the proverbial Microsoft programs very important as he put it.

He pointed out that the interaction of the students was great with the lecturer in the workshop, as they asked many questions about the mechanisms of using these programs, while focused the first year students on how to get the email.

It should be noted that the Faculty of Specific Education is at the top of the faculties of Ain Shams University in the use of official email, and benefit from Microsoft programs.

As well as the case of the Faculty of Nursing, which witnessed one of its halls a large presence and a great interest by students who expressed their gratitude from the workshop, demanding the organization of more similar workshops.

As part of the follow-up and keenness of the Chief Executive Officer of Information Technology (IT) on how IT department administrators get the most benefit, a third workshop on Microsoft's services was also organized today and how to take advantage of them.

During the course, Ebeid talked about the "Team" application, which provides many services to users. He also talked about how to monitor the rate of access to the official email by students, staff and faculty, how to classify them, and draw a graph and statistic that can be presented as a report on usage.

For their part, the directors of the information technology units in the faculties stressed the importance of such workshops, pointing out the extent to which they benefited from them.