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Inauguration of "Introducing Work and Employment Opportunities" forum at the Faculty of Medicine
Inauguration of "Introducing Work and Employment Opportunities" forum at the Faculty of Medicine

Prof. Ashraf Omar, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, and Prof. Dr. Shahera Samir, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Medicine for Community Service and Environmental Development and the Executive Director of the International Relations and Academic Cooperation Sector at the university inaugurated a forum for introducing work and employment opportunities for graduates of the Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University, which is held in cooperation with the Ain Shams University Graduates Association affiliated to the International Relations and Academic Cooperation Sector.

This came in the presence of Prof. Dr. Samia Abdo, Deputy Director of University Hospitals, Prof. Dr. Reem Al-Kabariti, Director of Graduate Administration, Director of the University Alumni Association, and Prof. Dina Nabih Kamel, representative of the Medical Graduates Association of the University and Major General, Dr. Alaa Emara, Assistant Director of Medical Services in the Armed Forces, and Prof. Sahar Helmy, Head of Training and Research Sector at the Ministry of Health and Population, and Prof. Abdel Salam Shalaby, Assistant Secretary for the Egyptian Fellowship for Technical Affairs at the Ministry of Health and Population, Prof. Ahmed Nasr El-Din, Director of the Health Service Providers Affairs Unit at the Ministry of Health and Population, the directors of a number of private hospitals and major companies operating in the field, the heads of departments, members of the faculty, and internship students in the faculty.


In his speech, Prof. Dr. Ashraf Omar that the Faculty is not only concerned with the weight of its students academically and scientifically, but rather seeks to provide them with a helping hand so that they can feel their steps in the labor market, by linking the graduate with the bodies working in the field of reputable reputation.

He directed the students to the necessity to exercise caution, caution and adhere to the precautionary measures during the internship period and to work in hospitals under the conditions of the pandemic, and also called on them to continue scientific research by completing the process of graduate studies.

Prof. Dr. Shahera Samir said that the Faculty administration spares no effort to help its students find the way to the future, and advised them to take advantage of all possible opportunities and available ways to choose what is best for them.

She added that the university is keen on maintaining the link between its graduates through the Alumni Association, for the benefit of all the Association's employees.

Prof. Reem Dr. Al-Kabariti aims to join the newly established university alumni association to include all the university’s employees since its inception in the early fifties of the last century, pointing out that joining the association provides many health, cultural and entertainment benefits.

It is also possible to subscribe to the association through Fawry service without the hassle of attending the university to pay the subscription fees.

This was followed by a review of the forum participants of the training and employment opportunities available through their institutions.