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Acceptance of a new batch of medical doctors with master's and doctoral degrees to work in the armed forces
Acceptance of a new batch of medical doctors with master's and doctoral degrees to work in the armed forces

Lieutenant-General / Mohamed Zaki, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces and Minister of Defense and Military Production, approved the announcement of the acceptance of a new batch of medical doctors with master's / doctoral degrees to be assigned to work in the armed forces in the military capacity of the batch of January 2021.

General conditions for admission:

The candidate, his parents and grandparents shall be Egyptians and not acquired or applied for the citizenship of another country, that he has not been convicted of a criminal penalty or a crime involving dishonor, that he has good behavior, and that the recruitment transaction is attached and extracted from the recruitment department or from the recruitment area. The candidate must be medically fit according to the conditions of medical fitness established by the General Military Medical Council, and to successfully pass psychological and personal tests (body examination) according to the assessment of the examination committee, and for the candidate to submit written undertakings that ensure full compliance with the conditions of applying for the assignment of the military capacity with Emphasizing that the data included in the acceptance papers on the basis of which the candidate was accepted are correct throughout his stay in the armed forces (the mandate period), and that the candidate is committed to wearing the military uniform in force in the armed forces, and whoever has performed the military service as a reserve officer is not allowed to run for assignment in the military capacity, and it is required For physicians who hold a master's degree, the age should not exceed 34 years in 1/1/2021, and for those holding a doctorate no more than 38 years of age. On 1/1/2021, and that the grade is not less than good in bachelor / master / doctorate, and that the doctor has spent the internship period.

The period of assignment in the military capacity and the benefits enjoyed by the taxpayer:

A ministerial decision to assign for a period of two years is issued and is renewed for a year annually with a maximum of four years. The officer in charge of the military capacity is also granted an experience certificate after the end of the mandate period and a statement of the period of his service in the armed forces to present it to his civil work body to include it for the period of his service when he is transferred to the pension, and the officer in charge gets many The privileges and services provided by the armed forces in accordance with the laws and instructions regulating this, noting that the places to withdraw the files for admission to the Department of Armed Forces Officers Affairs in Al-Qobba Bridge, starting from Saturday 8/22/2020.

For more information, please visit the official website of the Ministry of Defense (www.mod.gov.eg).

To contact the specialists during the period from (9) in the morning until (2) in the evening, except for holidays and public holidays, at the number (02/2617788).