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Monday... Opening of Le Pen's workshop at the Faculty of Engineering

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Monday... Opening of Le Pen's workshop at the Faculty of Engineering

Under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Mahmoud El-Metini, President of Ain Shams University, next Monday, November 30th, Le Pen's workshop will be inaugurated at the Faculty of Engineering, which targets students and graduates of engineering programs and other countries from Egypt and the neighboring Arab and African countries.

The workshop seeks to provide students from various engineering disciplines with practical skills in the fields of energy extraction and maintenance of digital operating machines and car maintenance, with the aim of bridging the gap in the need for these specializations, especially with the growing industrial investment in the region.

The idea of ​​education in Le Pen workshops is based on the concept of (engineering - practice - creativity - the project), which gives the student an engineering education through practical practices and upgrading his analytical skills to reach the stage of creativity that is applicable in another project.

The design of the programs, in both their theoretical and practical sides, takes into account the level of higher education students enrolled in the programs, so that the student ultimately obtains a practical output, in addition to his academic degree, which provides the beneficiaries with excellent employment opportunities.

The programs are distinguished by the fact that they will make Egypt, with Ain Shams University at its heart, a training center to expand the local, Arab and African labor market with competencies in new and modern professional specialties.

It is worth noting that 3 educational workshops were equipped in the fields of energy extraction, maintenance of digital operating machines, and car maintenance, at a value of 4. 16 million EGP, with a grant from two sides from China.

It is expected that the success of the project will lead to attracting more scholarships in other disciplines such as control, robotics and mechatronics.