vacant jobs

Ain Shams University announces vacant leadership positions at the level of general manager, in accordance with Law No. 81 of 2016, which are:

General Director of the General Administration for Higher Studies

For those who meet the conditions, apply personally to fulfill the prepared forms available in the technical office of Prof. Dr. / President of the University in the Zafarn Palace in the Caliph Al-Mamoun Street in Abbasiya in Cairo, starting from July 20, 2020 for a month

According to the conditions stated in the following description card:

  • Higher educational qualification suitable for work type with work experience
  • Spend a period of at least two years in a lower-level job directly
  • Passing training programs according to the training system mentioned in the provisions of the law
  • Leadership and direction
  • Knowledge of one of the foreign languages
  • Computer proficiency certificate (ICDL)
  • Jul 13, 2020