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Know your University (Faculty of Specific Education)

16652 2023-08-06

The Faculty of Specific Education joined the university in 1998

The Faculty of Specific Education, Ain Shams University is an educational, research and service institution that prepares cadres specialized in general specific disciplines and people with special needs who are educationally, academically and professionally qualified in accordance with national standards, and make them capable of innovation, creativity and competition in the labor market locally and regionally, and community service and meeting its renewable needs.

The faculty was established by Ministerial Resolution No. (1096) of 1988 at the current headquarters under the name of the Faculty of Specific Teachers, with the aim of preparing male and female teachers with a high qualification in the specific disciplines of musical and artistic education and home economics to teach in the various stages of general education, and that the period of study be four years ending Obtaining a bachelor's degree in education in the disciplines of (music education, art, and home economics).

The study began from the academic year 1988/1989, then the educational information and educational technology departments were established.

Then, the Minister of Education issued Decision No. (638) dated 28/06/1989 amending the name of specific male and female teachers’ colleges to the Faculty of Specific Education.

In 1998, the Faculty of Specific Education and its departments joined Ain Shams University, according to the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt Decree No. 329 of 1998.

Then, Republican Decree No. (326) for the year 1998 was issued to open the door for admission to postgraduate studies, diploma, master’s and doctoral degrees in the specialization of public and private art education, followed by the issuance of Ministerial Resolution No. (159) for the year 2002 AD regarding the issuance of a regulation for postgraduate studies for the Faculty of Specific Education, Ain Shams University.

Then it joined the Faculty of Education, Ain Shams University under the name of specific departments, according to the University President’s Decision No. (474) on 10/18/2009, in implementation of the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt’s Decision No. (317) of 2009.

Then the issuance of Republican Decree No. (265) of 2012 AD, to return the Faculty of Specific Education to its predecessor and its separation from the Faculty of Education, Ain Shams University.

In view of the renewable needs of society in general and the labor market in particular, the college has taken steps towards developing programs and study plans and updating them continuously in line with these trends.

Since the graduation of its first class, the faculty has contributed to meeting the society's need for teachers of music education, art education, art educators, home economics, education technology, and public and private educational media.

Some graduates are also spread in various other technical, cultural, social, industrial and other institutions, whether inside or outside the country, as well as some breaking into the self-employment market, and many of them have achieved successes and perform their roles with efficiency and competence, thus contributing to the service of their society and achieving its goals.

To learn more, you can visit the official website of the faculty through the following link: https://www.asu.edu.eg/sedu/ar/