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Know your University (Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences)

16890 2023-07-31

The Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences

The Republican Decree No. 419 of 1995 was issued to establish the Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences at Ain Shams University, and studies began in September 1996.

The Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences at the university seeks to become an educational, research and community institution recognized for excellence and leadership in the field of computers and information at the local, regional and global levels.

There are scientific departments in all faculties that grant bachelor’s degrees in computers and information in computer science and information systems. The Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences at Ain Shams University also grants degrees in computer systems, scientific calculations, bioinformatics, software engineering, artificial intelligence, digital multimedia, and cybersecurity.

The Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences at Ain Shams University is also unique in granting a Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences in computer systems, scientific calculations and bioinformatics affiliated to the new programs at the university ((Bioinformatics).

The university has been keen to provide the financial support required to establish a private library for the college, which contains the latest references and specialized scientific books, in order to serve students at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

The faculty has invested the financial support provided by the university in developing and increasing the efficiency of all lecture halls available to it, as well as in equipping laboratories for information technology, a laboratory for digital electronics and logical circuits, a laboratory for microprocessors and a laboratory for computer networks. These labs include modern personal computers. This is in addition to the basic and specialized laboratories of the departments. Various scientific, which contains more than 250 personal computers and computers serving laboratories networks.

This is in addition to dedicated research laboratories for master's and doctoral dissertations, as well as applied research projects, including the field of computer science, information systems, computer systems, and scientific calculations, which are laboratories with a capacity of sixty devices.

The faculty also includes a laboratory for high-speed information networks that allows it to view and browse all Internet sites with a capacity of twenty devices.

The faculty has established a local information network to connect all computers in the various laboratories to each other, as well as linking local information networks to the information network of the Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities.

To learn more, you can visit the official faculty website through the following link: https://cis.asu.edu.eg/ar/