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Master of Science in Microbiology

16533 2021-10-19

M 621 Mycology
Part 1: Physiology of fungi includes: Growth of fungi - Chemical requirements for growth - Absorption of nutrients - Spore Formation-Environmental factors- Biochemistry of spore formation - Fungal toxins – Fungicides.
Part 2: A contemporary view of the holomorph: nucleic acid sequence and computer databases are changing fungal classification - Mitosporic fungi (Deuteromycetes) in the dictionary of the fungi - Integration of mitotic and meiotic fungi: morphological and molecular studies.

M 622 Virology and Actinomycetes
(a) Virology: Interferon - B protein in plant – Lectin - Tissue culture - Oncogenes - Molecular basis of cancer - Techniques in plant virology - Monoclonal antibody – Immunotoxin - Alarm system plants - Control of virus disease in plant and animal.
(b) Actinomycetes: Classification of actinomycetes - Structure of actinomycetes cell - Secondary metabolites.

M 623 Bacteriology
(a) Soil bacteriology: Decomposition of organic matter -Transformation of hydrocarbons, elements and mineralization - Microbiology of polysaccharides (Starch - Chitin) - Microbiology of cellulose - Microbiology of hemicellulose - Microbiology of pesticides.
(b) Food bacteriology: Intrinsic and extrinsic parameters of foods that affect bacterial growth – Sources - Types and behavior of bacteria in foods - Determining bacteria and their products in foods by physical - Chemical and immunological methods - Food poisoning caused by bacteria - Control of pathogenic bacteria in foods.

M 624 Microbal Metabolism and Biotransformation
(a) Microbial Genetics: Fungal genetics - Bacterial genetics -Viral and phage genetics.
(b) Microbial Biotransformation: Part 1: Microbial Bioconversion of Pharmaceutically Important Compounds Sterols – Antibiotics. Part 2: Microbial Bioconversion of Environmental Pollutants: Chlorinated hydrocarbon - Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon - Pesticides: (Bioconversion by immobilized microbial cells - Matrices structure and function – Application).

M 625 Plant Pathology
Role of toxin and pathogen in plant - Disease induced alteration in carbohydrates metabolism - Foliar disease - Mechanism of biotrophy fungal pathogens - Alteration in permeability - caused by disease - Infection foot and root rot pathogen and subsequent damage - How plant defense themselves against pathogen - Fungilicolus association - Soil borne disease - Protection of wood products - Scolercial mycoparasites.

M 626 Plant Hormones + Plant Metabolism
Plant hormones (Auxin – Gebberillins – Ethylene - Cytokinin) in microorganism and plants- Plant metabolism (Carbon assimilation in photosynthesis, respiration in plant).